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Top 50 Most Iconic Fighting Game Characters - Part 5

Elizbar Ramazashvili
5 min

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Top 50 Most Iconic Fighting Game Characters - Part 5
Protagonists, deuteragonists, friends and rivals!

Fighting games are very old in terms of video game age, and through these decades, we've seen hundreds of games with thousands of characters come and go. Some of these characters become fan-favorites, while the others are forgotten. But there also are those whose legacy will remain etched in the history of the FGC forever. This is our fifth part of the new project that celebrates the Top 50 Most Iconic Fighting Game Characters.

However, it's essential to note that while this list aims to highlight some of the most iconic characters within fighting games, the inherent subjectivity of such rankings means that many other characters may not find themselves among these fifty names. Fighting games are as diverse as the amount of existing opinions, so pardon us if one your favorite isn't on the list eventually!

In this entry, we have the protagonists, deuteragonists, friends and rivals!!



Isabella Valentine, or simply Ivy, is one of the most recognizable female characters not only in the fighting games niche, but gaming in general. Her attire has been discussed over and over again, and her sex appeal being presented as both what’s wrong with video games and an example of great character design.

Ivy, along with Taki and Sophitia, is an inseparable part of Soulcalibur’s legacy. And it’s not just her looks. Her weapon, an unusual whip-blade, her supremely confident demeanor, and her surprisingly tragic and touching backstory solidify her place as one of the most enduring and iconic characters in the fighting game genre, leaving a lasting impression on generations of players worldwide.

Iori Yagami

King of Fighters

Iori Yagami is one of the most notable King of Fighters characters, mainly because of how much the story involves him and his clan, as well as his rivalry with the series’ protagonist, Kyo Kusanagi.

Iori is the heir of one of the clans that managed to seal Orochi centuries ago. He seems overly serious, blunt, and even rude initially, but he’s simply disinterested in trivialities. 

One of the standout features of Iori Yagami is, of course, his flamboyant attire, and especially his hairstyle. He’s from the clan of pyromancers, so his flaming-red hair is understandable, as well as his penchant for dressing in red clothes.


Street Fighter

Ken Masters is undoubtedly one of the faces of the Street Fighter series. He’s been seen as the “Red Oni” to Ryu’s “Blue Oni,” being more boisterous, loud, and outgoing. And together with Ryu, friendly rivalry, and mutual respect with whom form the heart of Ken's character, highlighting themes of camaraderie and personal growth throughout the series, he’s also the face of a particular character archetype – Shōtōkan, or just Shoto.

Together with some others, they shaped the understanding of what makes such a character – an uppercut, a projectile, and an advancing kick, among other things. 

Ken is loved by many for his relative simplicity, fun-loving-yet-determined attitude, and iconic design – a karate gi and his dyed bright blond hair.

Ky Kiske

Guilty Gear

Within the Guilty Gear universe, Ky Kiske is renowned for his noble demeanor, unwavering sense of justice, and electrifying fighting style. Clad in regal attire and wielding his signature weapon, the Thunderseal sword, Ky embodies the image of a gallant knight on a quest to uphold righteousness.

Very religious, kind-hearted, honest, and charismatic, he’s the perfect foil and rival for the series' rabble-rousing protagonist, Sol Badguy.

Somewhat ironically, he was named in honor of two Helloween band members, Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen.

Jin Kazama


Jin Kazama is undoubtedly the main protagonist of the Tekken series, no matter what his father and enemy Kazuya Mishima has to say about it. And the story events of Tekken 8 only solidify this claim.

Jin is a martial artist through and through, being taught several martial arts ever since he was a kid – traditional Karate, Mishima Style, and Kazama style martial arts

But in addition to this, just like his father, he possesses the Devil Gene that allows him to manifest his Devil form, which he’s known to not have the greatest control over.

Ultimately, this duality is what makes him interesting. He has done absolutely abhorrent things during his reign in power, but down below it all, he’s just a boy who lost his way, with one final chance to atone.

Join us next week to find out who the next five characters are!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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