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Evo 2022 Guilty Gear -Strive- Results

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Evo 2022 Guilty Gear -Strive- Results
Top 8 Results for Evo 2022 Guilty Gear -Strive- Tournament

As it is with all good things, they come to an end. Evo 2022 has wrapped up, and Guilty Gear -Strive- is the icing on the cake. Distilling a massive bracket to the Top 8 was no easy feat. contenders had to up the ante or crash out of the tournament, which most did. One person takes the crown, and this is how the great moment played out.

GGST Top 8 Matches

Winners Semi-Finals

The winners' semi-finals started with a blast having legacy Guilty Gear player Daru_I-No against the skillful Leffen in a complete blitz which sent Daru_I-No to the losers' quarter-finals and Leffen to the winners-final.

While Slash and UMISHO were a back and forth using May and Happy Chaos, respectively, with UMISHO heading to face off with Leffen at the Winners final and Slash to the losers

Losers Round 1

The losers' first round started with Bean vs. PepperySplash in a high-skill battle as PepperySplash showed his mastery in controlling the battlefield. Bean applied maximum pressure to remain in the event to no avail.

While two of North America's best players, TempestNYC and Hotashi, battled for domination, with Hotashi coming out on top and TempestNYC reaching the end of the line at the end of the 4 round match

Losers Quarter-Final

The losers' quarter-finals started with PepperySplash showing his battlefield control with Zato. Still, it wasn't enough against Mays' great damage output as Slash ended up drowning PepperySplash out of the event in a dominant straight three wins match. 

The other match is a tale of two friends who meet as rivals to determine who will proceed and who will go home. Starting slow, the game picked up explosive momentum, which ended with Hotashi patting Daru_I-No on the back as he marched into the sunset out of the Evo 2022 GGST event.

Winners Final

The winners' final was a battle of wits, with Leffen adapting efficiently with Zato to UMISHOs Happy Chaos. In the 5 match battle, UMISHO was able to show nerves of steel which sent Leffen to the Losers and UMISHO to the GrandFinals.

Losers Semi-Final

The losers' semi-final started with two heavy-hitting characters, May and Nagoriyuki, going head to head in the first match, but it wasn't enough for Hotashi to maintain tempo as Slash steamrolled his Nagoriyuki in a dominant 3 straight-win battle.

Losers Final

Two players from across the pond duke it out in this nerve-bitting match in the hopes of getting to the grand finals. Leffen showed his skill and determination with Zato, but it wasn't enough against the heavy damage inflicted by May, as he got mowed out of the competition by Slash in a healthy 3rd place.

Grand Finals

The players displayed an extraordinary layer of skill as they showed an awareness of their characters of choice and their opponents' character. Slash made it through the losers to the grand final and had an obstacle to cross in resetting the bracket, but UMISHO won't have any of that as he made sure to avoid Mays Heavy damage attacks while coming in to inflict damage and going well to play a zoning game as much as possible. After 4 closely tied matches, UMISHO comes out as the champion of the Evo 2022 GGST tournament.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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