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Grape is a Canadian Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player from Toronto, Ontario who mains Snake with Roy as secondary in SSBU and is known to have defeated top contenders like Fwed and Smokk among others. He also has teamed up with smashers like Blanc, Cheesey, and Steve From Accounting for Smash Ultimate doubles matches.

Grape competed in SSBU singles events and placed 5th at Juice Box 14, 9th at Frostfire 2020 & Mago's Birthday Bash, 17th at DreamHack Montreal 2019, 25th at Rising Star at EGLX 2019, 33rd at Domics' Atomic Arena, 97th at Frostbite 2020, 129th at The Big House 9, and 385th at Let's Make Big Moves.

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