Br1 AV

  • Bruno Assemany
  • Ecuador

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Playing : 4+
Birthday : Dec 21, 2001 (20)
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Bruno "Br1 AV" Assemany is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player from Ecuador who mains Snake.

Ranked 2nd on the Ecuadorian Power Rankings, Br1 AV has competed in SSBU singles at tourneys like Blink Esports Battleground Grand Final, Block'd In, Collision Online, Epic_Tournament, Galaxy Gambit 3, M-Kolosseum 4, Pound Online, Rev It Up: 2020 Series, Soaked Series Invitational, SSBU Center: New Year's 2, The Host Up Invitational, The Online Olympus II, Times Union Esports Tournament.

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