Atif Butt

  • Atif Ijaz
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Atif "Atif ButtIjaz is a professional Tekken player from Pakistan. Atif made his debut in international Tekken with extremely impressive 1st place at Tokyo Tekken Masters 2019. Unfortunately, due to travel complications, he couldn't make it to EVO Japan 2020 and was disqualified. Despite that, Atif is still looking forward to intentional competition and has the skill to beat best players in the world. He has a youtube channel where he uploads Tekken content. He can also be found on twitter

As a player, Atif Butt is known for his very aggressive Akuma. He loves to stay in his opponent's face, constantly enforcing mixups and keeping up the pressure on his opponents, as soon as he has the momentum, Atif is extremely hard to stop.