Asim: Career

  • Asim Ali
  • District G
  • UK
Playing : 3+
Birthday : Mar 23, 1988 (33)
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Asim Ali is a competitive Tekken player of British-Pakistani descent representing Team District G - A London-based gaming collective. 

Asim is active in the UK regional scene and travels all over Europe to compete in other tournaments having won Headstomper 2019 and participated in other tourneys including Berlin Tekken Clash 2019, Clash of the Olympians 2019, Logitech G Cup, Namco Bandai Tekken Championships 2012, Only The Best III, Revolver 2019, ROXnROLL Tekken Dubai, Sodium Showdown XIX, TaKe's Dojo - Tekkenmania II, Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019, and WSO Open Tekken 7 Dojo Event #2.

Asim plays AkumaDragunovGeeseLeroy, and Kazumi in Tekken 7.