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Ultimate Weekend Brawl. March 6. DashFight and WePlay Esports

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Ultimate Weekend Brawl: Fighting Esports with UFC Style
This is going to be a Clash of MK11 titans. Join the stream and witness this epic rivalry

WePlay Esports (known for WePlay Dragon Temple tournament and WePlay Ultimate Fighting League) and DashFight have prepared something very special for the fighting games community - Ultimate Weekend Brawl, a series of money matches between best FGC players. Do you know what one of the most exciting parts of this announcement is? You don’t need to wait long! The first-ever Ultimate Weekend Brawl happens on Saturday, March 6.

WUFL has questioned their followers a couple of months ago and made this list of contesters according to FGC desires.  

So here is the list of Ultimate Weekend Brawl Participants

Ultimate Weekend Brawl #1 schedule:

  • Tweedy vs Biohazard
  • DizzyTT vs A F0xy Grampa
  • SonicFox vs Dragon

UWB imitates the style of UFC matches. No, we don’t plan to make the players actually fight each other - we are all friends in the community. But we would love to see the same competitive energy around these MK11 battles. Anyway, friendship is good and everything, but only one will leave the cage victorious.

Like with UFC, Ultimate Weekend Brawl will have two types of matches. We could call them Great and The Greatest. For the first event of this series, you definitely can recognize the Main Card event! It’s always an excellent opportunity to see SonicFox vs Dragon in action.

Please, check out our interviews with the UWB #1 players:

We also had a chance to communicate with A F0xy Grampa and DizzyTT a bit earlier, during MK11 WePlay Dragon Temple.

It's a kind of warm-up for the upcoming WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1, which starts on March 25 with the Mortal Kombat 11 event, and will continue with Soulcalibur 6 and Tekken 7.

Treat yourself to the awesomeness of Mortal Kombat 11! Watch fights of Ultimate Weekend Brawl at WUFL Twitch or DashFight YouTube channel.

Wow! This weekend is going to be something. And that will not be a one-time event. Ultimate Weekend Brawl will definitely return. Let’s keep the details secret for a while. Follow DashFight on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord, so you will not miss our announcements.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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