Video Interview with Denom "A F0xy Grampa" Jones

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
Video Interview with Denom "A F0xy Grampa" Jones
Learn more about the runner-up of the WePlay Dragon Temple in last December

Last year, Denom "A F0xy Grampa" Jones made big waves at the WePlay Dragon Temple, coming second after defeating career-long friendly rival Alexandre "Hayatei" Dube-Bilodeau. The interview covers the following topics:

  • His impressions of the tournament
  • His preparation with Sheeva
  • Toughest opponent
  • His stay in Kyiv for the tournament
  • Living and competing with Diabetes since he was 8
  • His experience with practising Muay Thai
  • The most memorable moments in his career thus far
  • DJing and his parents' influence
  • Plans for the future  
WePlay Dragon Temple | A F0xy Grampa Interview | MK11

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