Video Interview with Tyrese "DizzyTT" Carl

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
Video Interview with Tyrese "DizzyTT" Carl
The UK has a wealth of players in this age of NRS esports, DizzyTT among the great ones

WePlay Esports hosted one of the largest and most memorable events for the Mortal Kombat competitive community in late December. The WePlay Dragon Temple quickly cemented itself as a fantastic tournament to be a part of and to watch unfold.

DashFight, as the official media partner for the event, had the opportunity to sit down with UK prodigy Tyrese "DizzyTT" Carl to talk about his preparation before coming to the event, his thoughts as he was getting ready to play in the groups, and of course, how does he keep such fantastic hair?!

Of course, that was not all that the brilliant player shared with us, some other topics included:

  • The start of his career
  • The support from his Family
  • Being coached by F0xy Grampa and eventually becoming coming to his own style
  • Kustom Variations changes and ideas 
WePlay Dragon Temple | DizzyTT Interview | Mortal Kombat 11

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