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Street Fighter 5: Urien Guide - Combos and Move List

Street Fighter 5: Urien Guide - Combos and Move List

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Are you a bit tired of noble characters with only pure good intentions? Then Urien may be an interesting choice for you!

The division into good and evil characters is not always as simple as at the dawn of video games culture. You clearly can say that Bowser is bad and Mario is good. But in the Street Fighter franchise, we have so many shades between these two extremes. 

Ok, M. Bison is rather evil. And Ryu is probably good. But what about lots of other guys and girls? As virtual personalities, they have their own intentions that move them forward in life (and fights, of course). Urien is one of them. He is not good, but he is not totally evil. He is rather a selfish one, who thinks only about his own benefits. He doesn’t want to save the world, but neither is he interested in destroying it.

Such a position may find a response in many gamers. Would you like to choose Street Fighter Urien as your primary character? Then welcome to this SF5 guide on DashFight, where we discuss his background and actual abilities in fighting matches.

SFV Urien - Dominating Light

Urien is arrogant, tyrannical, and even cruel if such behavior is somehow beneficial. He despises most people as those who are much lower than him. In fights, Urien SFV is very strong - and probably this strength gives the guy that level of confidence.

Urien is annoyed by the supremacy of his brother Gill in the Secret Society and dreams to become a leader himself - not only dreams but makes real steps towards this goal.

Initially, this guy also was a candidate for leadership in the cult, so his body and mind passed through extreme training that involved even genetic changes. It’s enough to look at the gem in Urien’s forehead - it’s built in the skull. As a result, Street Fighter 5 Urien can control the energy Ki and the Earth elements.

Urien Street Fighter 5

The first game of the Street Fighter series that has this guy is Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact - the second installment of Street Fighter III: New Generation. Urien was added along with Akuma and Hugo Andore. He wants to become President of the Secret Society and he even succeeds, but Gill gets a new role - Emperor, so efforts of Urien are pointless. 

In the game Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Urien again tries to become a leader of the cult. And now his dream comes true...

Urien returns in Street Fighter V - please, check out his story in the Character Story Mode and the General Story.

Street Fighter V Urien Guide

In the game, Urien can be very dangerous. He uses the fighting technique Pankration, the ancient Greek Olympic discipline. But the main power of the Urien move list is connected to controlling energy. He can even electrify opponents (almost like Blanka) and make his body metallic - quite a nice protection, don’t you think?

Physical characteristics of Urien are the same as those of Gill (he even has a Halloween costume that makes him look like Gill). Still, special abilities are not so impressive. Urien can be vulnerable to air attacks from some opponents, but overall, he is a well-balanced fighter. Success with him depends mostly on your skills, so keep practicing!

Basic attacks of SF5 Urien

  • Light Punch is effective, causing significant damage at a decent rage. You can start Urien Combos SFV with it. The speed of Light Punch is not the best in the game.
  • Medium Punch is stronger and covers an even bigger distance. From the standing position, it's a hit with the right hand. Crouching Medium Punch is a hit with the left elbow. Jumping Medium Punch is good anti-air protection.
  • Heavy Punch - Urien makes a mighty hit from above. Thanks to Crush Counter, you can start some Urien combos. Crouching Heavy Punch is a kind of uppercut.
  • Light Kick is quite fast. From the crouching position, the range is a bit smaller.
  • Medium Kick has an amazing range. It’s one of the best neutral attacks of Urien.
  • Heavy Kick - charge it to make bigger damage and hit twice. Urien takes his straight leg very high, so this attack is also a good anti-air trick. From the crouching position, it’s a swipe that causes knockdown.

Unique attacks of Urien in Street Fighter 5

  • Quarrel Punch - press forward and Medium Punch.
  • Quarrel Kick - press diagonally forward and downwards with Heavy Kick.
  • Terrible Smash - press forward and Heavy Punch.
  • Killer Straight - it’s one of a few quite simple SFV Urien combos. Press Light Punch and then Medium Punch.
  • Break Rush - press forward with Medium Punch and then forward with Heavy Punch.

Special moves - Urien move list

  • Chariot Tackle - press backward/forward and any Kick.
  • Violence Knee Drop - press down/up and any Kick.
  • Dangerous Headbutt - press down/up and any Punch.
  • Metallic Sphere - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and forward) and any Punch.
  • Aegis Reflector (BACK) - press Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • Aegis Reflector (FORWARD) - press backward with Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • Aegis Reflector (UP) - press down with Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • Tyrant Blaze - hold Heavy Punch and Kick.

V-System - Urien in Street Fighter V

  • V-Skill I - Metallic Aura. Press Medium Punch and Kick. This Urien V Skill is a kind of metallic armor
  • V-Skill II - Indignant Thunder. Press Medium Punch and Kick. 
  • V-Trigger I - Aegis Reflector (BACK). Press Heavy Punch and Kick. 
  • V-Trigger I - Aegis Reflector (FORWARD). Press backward with Heavy Punch and Kick. 
  • V-Trigger I - Aegis Reflector (UP). Press down with Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • V-Trigger II - Tyrant Pressure. Press Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • V-Reversal - Anger Snap Fist. While guarding, press forward and three Punches.

Urien SF5 - Critical Art 

  • Dominant Crush - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and forward) twice and any Punch.

As you can see, Urien moves have a lot of identical patterns, so you don’t have to learn complicated combinations. But don’t forget about the necessity to use these moves during fast matches with instantly changing situations! Pay enough attention to practice and you definitely can get a better Street Fighter Online Rank.

If you only start your experience in this game, take a look at our guide How to Play Street Fighter 5.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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