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Street Fighter 5: Sagat Guide - Combos and Move List

Street Fighter 5: Sagat Guide - Combos and Move List

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His life goal is to defeat Ryu, but Sagat will be glad to fight all the other SF5 characters

Sagat is a very prominent figure in the Street Fighter V roster - and not only because of his exceptional height. He is a very good fighter with a very interesting style. Would you like to make Sagat your primary character? Then take a look at his guide on DashFight!

Sagat Street Fighter - eager to defeat Ryu

Players met Sagat for the first time quite a long time ago, in the very first game of the Street Fighter series. He was the final boss there, and to fight him, the main character (Ryu or Ken) had to defeat eight opponents in various countries, travel to Thailand, and face Adon, a disciple of Sagat.

However powerful Sagat was in that game, Ryu was able to get the victory (probably, not on the first try). He even left a huge scar on the chest of Sagat, which became a reminder of that first loss and support for the desire to avenge. 

Sagat returns with the game Street Fighter II. In the original version, he was one of the Grand Masters, an unplayable boss. Starting from Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, players can choose this guy for their fights.

Sagat managed to defeat Ryu but then he realized that wasn’t a proper victory - Ryu succumbed to satisfy the revenge hunger of his opponent. This is not a result Sagat looked for. He wanted a clear victory...

In the sub-series Street Fighter Alpha, we discover a bit more about Sagat. He lost the right eye during a fight against Go, father of Dan Hibiki. His attitude to Ryu changed a bit when Sagat discovered the plans of M. Bison to use Psycho Power against that guy.

In Street Fighter IV, his hatred towards Ryu loses its intensity. Sagat even calls the Eternal Wanderer his friend. These characters gain an even better connection in Street Fighter V. During his Character Story, the dark energy Satsui no Hado overcomes Sagat, but unlike Kage, he doesn’t become its victim. And unlike Akuma, Sagat decides not to use this power. This experience helps him better understand the struggles of Ryu.

Capcom added Sagat to Street Fighter 5 with Season 3, so he is available in SF5: Champion Edition.

The King - Sagat SF

Sagat is a Muay Thai fighter, so his move set is based on this style of martial art. He is even called Emperor of Muay Thai because there is no one more powerful in this style. In the first Street Fighter game, Sagat organizes The World Warrior tournament to prove he is the best among fighters of all the other styles as well. He still has a chance to do so in many modes of Street Fighter V.

This character is very tall and muscular - but not as tall as Abigail and not as muscular as Zangief. Sagat has very effective projectiles, so many players prefer to keep him at a distance from the opponent. Also, it is recommended to avoid too aggressive behavior in a match. Sagat is good at delivering a portion of damage and then moving a bit back to continue his long-range fight. It’s safe to say that Sagat is a rather defensive character.

Basic attacks of Sagat Street Fighter 5

  • Light Punch - it’s a fast hit with the right hand that covers quite a big distance. From the crouching position, the range is not that big, Sagat turns while hitting. Jumping Light Punch is a defensive air-to-air move.
  • Medium Punch - from the standing position it’s a hit with the elbow. Crouching Medium Punch is a long-range attack. Jumping Medium Punch is a kind of uppercut in the air.
  • Heavy Punch - Street Fighter Sagat makes a very powerful hit from each position.
  • Light Kick is a long poke. From the crouching position, it’s a very low hit. Jumping Light Kick is a knee hit in the air.
  • Medium Kick reaches very far from the standing position. It’s very good protection from approaching opponents.
  • Heavy Kick - from the standing position, it’s a good anti-air that can start a combo. Crouching Heavy Kick hits low. Jumping Heavy Kick gives a good option for avoiding normal attacks or projectiles and still dealing significant damage.

Street Fighter 5 Sagat - Throws

  • Tiger Hang - press forward (or from the neutral position) + Light Punch and Kick. Sagat grabs the head of his opponent, makes a knee hit, and throws the victim on the ground.
  • Tiger Swing - press backward with Light Punch and Kick. The back throw is similar to the normal one, but Sagat makes two knee hits and throws the victims a bit further behind him.

Unique attacks Sagat SF5

  • Tiger Heavy Elbow - press forward and Heavy Punch. Sagat makes a very quick hit with the right hand and then almost immediately a strong hit with the left elbow.
  • Step High Kick - press forward and Heavy Kick. It’s a very high anti-air hit with the straight leg.
  • Step Low Kick - press forward and Medium Kick. Sagat makes a low kick while turning around.

Special moves of Street Fighter V Sagat

  • Tiger Shot - make a quarter circle movement with the stick (down and forward) and press any Punch. It’s a fast fire projectile. 
  • Grand Tiger Shot - make a quarter circle movement with the stick (down and forward) and press any Kick. It’s also a fire projectile that shoots very low.
  • Tiger Uppercut - make a Z-like movement with the stick and press any Punch. It’s a very powerful uppercut.
  • Tiger Knee Crush - make a Z-like movement with the stick and press any Kick. Sagat makes a strong knee hit. The victim will be pushed away.
  • Tiger Cannon - press Heavy Punch and Kick. Sagat hits an opponent, then shoots a powerful stream of fire, and finishes with an uppercut.
  • Tiger Spike - press Heavy Punch and Kick. It’s a very powerful hit.
  • Tiger Rush - press forward and Heavy Punch and Kick. Sagat makes a kick that launches the victim into the air and hits while they are spinning.

SF5 Sagat V-System

  • V-Skill I - Angry Charge. Press Medium Punch and Kick. Sagat Angry Charge powers up Tiger Uppercut. Also, this Sagat V Skill unlocks some combos.
  • V-Skill II - Hanuman Charge. Press Medium Punch and Kick.
  • V-Trigger I - Tiger Charge. Press Heavy Punch and Kick. You will be able to use Tiger Cannon and also cancel normals that are usually non-cancellable.
  • V-Trigger II - Tiger Assault. Press Heavy Punch and Kick. You can use attacks Tiger Rush and Tiger Spike.
  • V-Reversal - Tiger Revenge. Press forward and three Kicks. It’s a good method to push the opponent away.

Critical Art of Sagat in Street Fighter V

  • Tiger Rampage - make a quarter circle movement with the stick (down and forward) twice and press any Kick. Sagat makes a series of hits that deal very significant damage.

SF5 Sagat combos

Try out these combos of Sagat SFV:

Let’s hope that our Sagat guide has properly introduced you to this Street Fighter 5 character and you will get lots of victories with him. If you need info on the game basics, take a look at our SFV Guide for beginners.

Sagat has quite a few costumes in the game. Discover how to change his appearance in the article Street Fighter 5: How to Unlock Costumes and Colors.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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