Street Fighter 5: Nash Guide - Combos and Move List

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Street Fighter 5: Nash Guide - Combos and Move List
A risen from the dead who fights for justice

All the characters in Street Fighter V are something more than just a name and appearance. They all have a background that motivates them to fight again and again. When you select your primary character, this background should be taken into account. Is the motivation of this guy or that girl in tune with your own personality? It’s better to take your time and don’t make too quick decisions.

The appearance of Nash Street Fighter is a bit weird - he looks a bit like Frankenstein's monster. His name is a bit of a mess - sometimes he is Nash, and sometimes he is Charlie. And what about the motivation of Street Fighter Nash? Let’s delve into the story of this guy to get to know him better. And let’s take a look at his fighting abilities in Nash move list!

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Paradoxical Avenger - Nash SFV

The Story of Nash in the Street Fighter series starts with… his death. In fact, he had died long when players discovered his existence. Guile mentions his friend Nash in Street Fighter II, who was a Captain in the US Air Force but then was killed on a dangerous mission.

The first appearance of Nash SF as a playable character was in the Street Fighter Alpha series. He had to kill M. Bison but was murdered when his mission was almost done.

Nash was present in Street Fighter IV only as a slight hint in the character stories - Guile wanted to know the fate of his friend. The first core game with Nash is Street Fighter V.

It turns out that Nash really was dead, but the Secret Society revived him, patching his damaged body. They wanted to use Nash as a puppet...

We recommend you to take a look at the Character Story of Nash in SF5 for more details and for feeling the general atmosphere around this guy.

Nash fights for justice (almost like Cody) and hates Shadaloo. He remains friends with Guile even if the latter can’t believe in the miraculous savior of that Nash he knew. Also, this guy is close to Chun-Li.

In Street Fighter V, Nash is available in the basic roster - you can have him even in the Arcade Edition and you won’t have to unlock this SF character.

Charlie Nash Street Fighter 5

The name of this guy is Nash in the Japanese versions. But he was renamed as Charlie in the USA. The reasons here are simpler than in the case of Balrog. The translators couldn’t properly catch the name in the old SFII game when Nash was mentioned first, so they made him Charlie.

He remained Charlie for a while but then Capcom decided to solve this confusion and made the full name of this character Charlie Nash, combining both versions. In Street Fighter V, Nash is the official name for all the languages.

SFV Nash Guide

Even if this guy is not so mysterious as Seth, Nash in Street Fighter V has a few very unusual abilities that give extra power to his set of traditional fighting tricks. For example, Nash can get energy for his V-Gauge by absorbing projectiles (such as Hadoken of Ryu).

Also, notice the teleport ability (V-Trigger) - imaging all those opportunities it opens for you in a match!

Basic attacks of Street Fighter 5 Nash

  • Light Punch is quite quick and covers a decent distance in both standing and crouching positions.
  • Medium Punch - it’s a very good hit with the fist. From the standing position, the range is bigger and the attack is surprisingly fast. Crouching and jumping Medium Punch can be used as anti-air.
  • Heavy Punch is a very powerful hit. Use it from a medium distance for starting a Crush Counter Nash combo.
  • Light Kick is the knee hit. From the crouching position, Nash hits very low. This attack can start SFV Nash combos, made of the basic attacks. Jumping Light Kick has a very good range.
  • Medium Kick - Nash hits the opponent very high (at the head). From the crouching position, the range is the same great, but the fighter hits very low.
  • Heavy Kick is similar to the Medium one but deals bigger damage. From the crouching position, this attack is very quick. Standing Heavy Kick is good anti-air. Jumping Heavy Kick is a kind of somersault.

Unique attacks - Street Fighter V Nash

  • Knee Bazooka - press forward and Light Kick.
  • Jumping Sobat - press forward and Medium Kick.
  • Chopping Assault - press forward and Medium Punch.
  • Step Kick - press forward and Heavy Kick.
  • Spinning Back Knuckle - press forward and Heavy Punch.
  • Side Knee Attack - press backward and Medium Punch.
  • Rapid Punch - for activating this simple example of Street Fighter 5 Nash combos, press Light Punch and then Medium Punch.
  • Rapid Kick - press Light Kick and then Medium Kick.
  • Wind Shear - press Medium Punch, then Light Kick, and then Heavy Punch.
  • Down Burst - this is probably the hardest one among basic Nash combos SFV. Press down with Medium Punch and then forward with the same Medium Punch.
  • Raptor Combination - press Medium Kick, then Heavy Kick, and then again Medium Kick.
  • Bullet Combination - press Medium Kick, then Heavy Kick, and then Medium Punch with Medium Kick.

Special moves of Charlie Nash Street Fighter 5

  • Sonic Boom - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and forward) and press any Punch.
  • Sonic Scythe - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and backward) and press any Kick.
  • Moonsault Slash - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and forward) and press any Kick.
  • Tragedy Assault - make a Z-like movement with the stick (down and forward) and press any Punch.
  • Stealth Dash - press Heavy Punch with Kick.
  • Stealth Dash (Stop) - perform Stealth Dash and press backward.
  • Justice Corridor - press Heavy Punch with Kick and then any Punch.
  • Justice Shell - press Heavy Punch with Kick and then any Kick.

V-System - Nash Street Fighter 5 Guide

  • V-Skill I - Bullet Clear. Press Medium Punch and Kick.
  • V-Skill II - Silent Sharpness. Press Medium Punch and Kick.
  • V-Trigger I - Sonic Move - Hide. Press Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • V-Trigger I - Sonic Move - Blitz Air. Press backward with Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • V-Trigger I - Sonic Move - Steel Air. Press forward with Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • V-Trigger II - Stealth Dash. For performing Nash V Trigger 2, press Heavy Punch and Kick.
  • V-Reversal - Sonic Move - Avoid. While guarding, press forward and three Punches

SFV Nash Critical Art 

  • Judgement Saber - make a quarter-circle movement with the stick (down and backward) twice and press any Punch.

It’s not very difficult to perform various attacks of this fighter, so he can be recommended even for beginners in the game. Still, you should put enough effort in practicing basic attacks to use Nash combos Street Fighter 5 effectively in fast-paced matches. Please, bring info from this SF5 Nash guide into practice to start your journey of mastering this character. And take a look at our article on How to Play SF5 to get more info about the game basics.

And here is the biggest secret on how to play Nash (or any other guy and girl) - just enjoy the game, have fun in many modes, so everything else will happen automatically. Learn tricks from various Street Fighter V guides and esports events and then add them to your playing style. If you like Nash (in his various SFV costumes), you will definitely be motivated to train with him and get many victories.

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