Get Garuda in Street Fighter V - a Crossover Costume for Akuma

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Get Garuda in Street Fighter V - a Crossover Costume for Akuma
Pic Source: @StreetFighter Twitter
The legendary villain returns. Maybe his spirit possesses this one of the most powerful Street Fighter characters?

Capcom treasure their heritage, and it’s a great pleasure to see how the unique gems of the past do not disappear but return to the modern era of fighting games. The Nintendo Switch owners will soon get a re-release of arguably the best game in the Street Fighter series. And SF5 players regularly get awesome outfits to their collection, based on much earlier games and fighters.

In December 2020, we could win the costume of Skullomania for G. Starting from the 12th of January, Capcom adds to Street Fighter 5 the costume of Garuda for Akuma. Both these outfits are based on the Street Fighter EX game series.

The process of getting this costume is quite exciting - you need to win one Extra Battle, no Fight Money spendings required. 

Garuda was a hero but went astray and accepted the power of dark energy. He is a dangerous opponent, so his spirit would make your Akuma even more impressive.

Let’s try and get the Garuda costume! Maybe we will even see it during professional competitions, such as Street Fighter League and Capcom Cup.