Get Skullomania in Street Fighter V - as a Costume for G

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Get Skullomania in Street Fighter V - as a Costume for G
Pic Source: @StreetFighter Twitter
Earn this unique costume in an Extra Battle. You need one victory only

Fighting games have lots of exciting aspects. First of all, it’s just a fun process to face your opponent, demonstrate your excellent skills, and then celebrate the victory. But apart from fights, most of such games also have a great feature for collectors. It’s so interesting to complete tasks in different game modes and collect various trophies. Your collection gives a reflection of your journey in this particular game, your growth as a fighting player.

Arguably the best collectible things are cosmetic items - you not only keep them on virtual shelves but can also use them in battles and demonstrate friends. Would you like to have another awesome costume for G in Street Fighter 5? Then don’t miss the chance to obtain the Skullomania outfit into your collection.

It’s a time-limited opportunity, so don’t miss your chance! Enter the game and you will get a notification. Proceed to Challenges and find Extra Battle in the menu. Capcom promises that even one victory will be enough to get the costume. But will you be able to win? 

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Skullomania is a character from the Street Fighter EX series. It might be great to have him in SFV, but getting just a costume is also fun.

Quite a lot of professional players enter fighting matches having fancy costumes for their characters, so it’s a good tradition to follow. It will be interesting to see the outfits at the upcoming Capcom Cup 2020.

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