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Brawlhalla Ghost League: from Snowflake to Frostbite

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Brawlhalla Ghost League: from Snowflake to Frostbite
Pic Source: GhostLeagueTournaments on Twitch
This community esports series starts a new season in February — right after completing one in January

Do you personally participate in online community tournaments? It’s sure pretty stressful, and you can’t expect to win on the first attempt (who knows). But also, this is a very powerful experience that helps you boost the playing skills substantially.

Ghost League: Frostbite is one of the open tourneys you may consider joining. This esports series happens in February, having four tournaments:

  • 2v2 Warm-Up — February 4
  • 1v1 Warm-Up — February 11
  • 2v2 Frostbite — February 18
  • 1v1 Frostbite — February 25

If you feel motivated, check out this official start.gg page — and just do it, register.

But if you need additional inspiration, check out the stream of the previous Ghost League tournament.

Ghost League: Snowflake, 1v1 | Stream, Top 8

It looks like this tournament was a good chance for TruckStopBurrito to practice different Brawlhalla Legends in a competitive environment. The player changed characters even after victorious games and thus used 7 Legends in just two matches (8 games).

First, TruckStopBurrito played against Nomm. It was a close fight, and TruckStopBurrito won only in the decisive game.

Meanwhile, mowqli- entered the Top 8 brackets through the Losers side. The player defeated three opponents to reach the Grand Final — keeping loyalty to Artemis throughout this whole journey.

Ghost League: Snowflake, 1v1 | Stream, Grand Final

mowqli- started the match pretty promising — won one game. But eventually, it was the only point for this player in the final score. 

TruckStopBurrito is the Champion of Ghost League: Snowflake. Congratulations!

Brawlhalla Characters at Ghost League: Snowflake

7. FluffyNinja03

7. Arthur

5. Nomm

5. Starno

4. Double Baconator

3. zary

2. mowqli-

1. TruckStopBurrito

Another interesting community league finished recently. Did you watch the matches of Brawlhalla Master Cup?

If you feel confident enough, why not prove your mettle in official open events? There will even be an offline opportunity for this — Brawlhalla is present at three Dreamhack events this year.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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