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Brawlhalla Master Cup: Finals

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Brawlhalla Master Cup: Finals
Pic Source: mastercupxp on Twitch
Four Champions destroy their opponents

The fun of Brawlhalla esports never ends. We move from enjoying an exciting community event (such as Moose Wars, Moose Mania) to having a big official Championship around the corner. And sure, there is another tournament to watch in between.

Let’s take the max out of our time before the Winter Championship 2023 and delve into Brawlhalla matches of the recently finished Master Cup.

It’s a league that happened in four regions and had a few qualifiers. The Final matches sure are the most interesting, so why not focus on them?

Latin America | Brawlhalla Master Cup| Stream, Grand Final

(the Stream is in not in English)

The final fight was New Zomber (Hattori, Val) vs Raptor (Scarlet).

It looked like New Zomber caught the wave of power and success — the player won pretty confidently. Even the switching between characters looked like just an additional practice.

Asia and Pacific | Brawlhalla Master Cup| Stream, Grand Final

There were some DQ during the tourney, but both Grand Finalists had to actually defeat their opponents in the Quarter and Semi Finals to reach the decisive match.

The Grand Final was Far (Orion) vs Kerbai (Yumiko). With three pretty confident games, Far won and earned the Champion title.

Europe | Brawlhalla Master Cup| Stream, Grand Final

With some DQ on their way, both participants of the Grand Final lost no game before their match. But then only one could continue this trend. Linox (Petra) vs Binn Bags (Hattori, Orion) — and Linox won 3:0. Switching to Orion in the last game did not help.

North America | Brawlhalla Master Cup | Stream, Grand Final

This was the only Grand Final in the whole series with no 3:0 score. BubbleGuppie56 (Kaya) played against AySurge (Azoth). When the opponent was on a tournament point, AySurge managed to win one game. But then, BubbleGuppie56 sealed the deal and got the Champion title.

It’s great to see how Brawlhalla players all over the world have a chance to compete and shine on the esports scene. Please, check out the official esports schedule to not miss any opportunity.

This year, Brawlhalla increased its presence at offline events. Recently, we discovered that the game returns to three Dreamhacks.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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