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CUP Smash's Charity Tournament

Apr 17 – Apr 18, 2021
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Apr 17 – Apr 18, 2021

Total prize pool


CUP Smash's Charity Tournament is an online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate charity tournament with an open registration. It will be featured at Esports Stadium Arlington Twitch Channel.

Here's how the organizers describe their event:

"The Smash Community has gotten so uptight about competition and has been very toxic due to it. We at CUP are dedicated open back the competitive scene to new players. We are also wanting to show and be an example of how the Smash Community should be able to give back in times of struggle. This is less of a Competitive Event but an event where people can have fun and support one another. Toxicity will not be tolerated as this is for both the Smash Community AND the kids at Cook Childrens. We ask to please enjoy yourselves these nights, relax, and have fun!"