• Jonathan Grullon
  • USA

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Jonathan Grullon, also known as "Venia," is a Super Smash Bros player from the United States. He mains Greninja in both SSBU and SSB4.

Ranked 2nd on the New York City Ultimate Power Rankings, Venia has an overall set count of 83% in ssbu. He is a regular at AON Smash Ultimate and Fusion: The Weekly.

Venia has also competed in Ultimate singles and ranked 1st at ALPHA III & Orion 2020, 7th at CEO Dreamland 2020, 25th at Let's Make Big Moves, 33rd at Genesis 7, 49th at Shine 2019, and 65th at Super Smash Con 2019.

Venia has teamed up with smashers like Light, NickC, and NinjaLink to play Smash doubles. He also partnered up with Prof3ssorMGW in numerous tournaments with the duo taking 1st place at Xenosaga XXX.

Controversy stirred around Venia in July 2020 when he accuse FROOT of rape. However, the accusations devolved into a he said vs she said scenario as FROOT released a statement defending herself.

Take a peek at Venia's Twitch channel here.