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  • Nelvin Montesdeoca
  • USA

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Diddy Kong
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Diddy Kong0 %3

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Wii Fit Trainer
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Wii Fit Trainer0 %3

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Nelvin Montesdeoca aka Nelvin is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player from Connecticut, United States of America. His main character is Diddy Kong. Montesdeoca is the "EVIL” team member. 

Nelvin is best known for participating at New England Arcadian III, SYNTHESIS, Push The Limit, Xenosaga XXI, Ultimate Cataclysm #2, Imperial Smash, Ultimate Naifu Wars: Trek to Prime Saga, MONZA Ignition Speed Festival: Smash Ultimate Tournament, CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships, Smash Down, Apocalypse, Soaked Series Invitational, Let's Make Big Moves - A Tristate Smash Ultimate National, Encore Smash Weekly, and Battery Pack Bash 5, where he finished 2nd. 

You can follow Nelvin on Twitter

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