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insomniac (US)

  • Christian Curtin
  • USA

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Christian "insomniac" Curtin is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player from the United States. He mains Bayonetta with Joker as secondary including and previously capitalized his Gamertag as "iNSOMNIAC".

insomniac has an overall set count of 68% and has stolen sets from top contenders such as BONK!, Jakal, and The Great Gonzales. He is a regular at events like CN:B-Airs and Platinum Star Smash. He has teamed up with Mateo and red berpo for Smash Ultimate doubles.

insomniac also competed in ssbu singles and placed 1st at Weenie Hut Fight Night 17, 13th at Fireside Open, 19th at Battle For The East, 25th at Collision Online, 97th at Pound Online & Shine 2019, 129th at Genesis 7 & Let's Make Big Moves, and 193rd at Super Smash Con 2019.

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