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Unknown (US)

  • Bryan T.
  • USA

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Bryan T. "Unknown" is a Super Smash Bros player from the United States. He mains Wolf with Sheik as secondary in Ultimate.

Unknown is a regular participant at smaller-scale events including DNA: Ultimate Season and Fusion: The Weekly. He has defeated smashers such as Arhungry and MaverickHunter. He often teams up with Wraith to play Smash Ultimate doubles matches.

Unknown also competed in ssbu singles and placed 9th at Xenosaga XXIV, 17th at Overclocked Ultimate II, 33rd at Glitch 6, 49th at Let's Make Big Moves, Scarlet Classic V & Tri-state Showdown, 65th at Battle For The East 2019, 97th at Shine 2019

At Fireside Open 2019, Unknown edged into the Top 8 with a set win rate of 77.78%. He ranked 5th after losing to Jack in the winners finals of Pool B3 and MaverickHunter in losers round 4 of the final bracket.

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