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  • Anthony Montes
  • USA
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Anthony Montes, otherwise known as "Monte" or "Monteant," is a Super Smash Bros player from the United States who mains Mr. Game & Watch.

He has competed in SSBU singles at tourneys like 2GG: All In - An Ultimate National Arcadian, 2GG: Ladder, Flat Combats 6, Flex on 'Em 2, Galaxy Gambit x Collision 6, Get Clipped 8, House and Facade's IG Milestone Tournament, HV Gamer Con 20, Itani Esports Tournament 1, LagSpike 18, M-Kolosseum 4, Mazer Gaming Gives Back 2, Smash Out Breast Cancer, Smash the Router 4, Spacestation Presents: The Airlock, Sundried 2020, The Atlas Cup, The Online Olympus II, and US ARMY ESPORTS TOURNAMENT.

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