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Magister is an American Smash Ultimate and former Smash 4 competitor, who actively appear at fighting game tournaments since 2016. As an Ultimate player, he achieved some notable results, such as Orbitar 62 (5th place), The Pinnacle 2018 (17th place), Orbitar 63 (2nd place), Genesis 6 (25th place), Frostbite 2019, Kawaii Kon 2019 (5th place), 2GG: Prime Saga, Fanime Con 2019 (1st place), Smash'N'Splash 5 (top-100), CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships (top-100), Shine 2019 (top-50), Glitch 8, Genesis 7 (top-50), and Frostbite 2020. He also reached 17th place at the big online event Soaked Series Invitational in 2020. Magister is also an artist, you can check out his work on