• Karvin White Jr.
  • USA

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Karvin White Jr. "Comet" is a Fox main, American Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Wii U player from Wisconsin regarded as one of the best Fox mains in the US Midwest region.

Ranked 2nd on the Wisconsin Power Rankings and 1st on the Wisconsin Ultimate Power Rankings, Comet is known to have defeated smashers such as Demitus, Jw, and Ned among others. He has partnered up with smashers like Daybreak, PowPow, SKITTLES!!, and yeti to play SSBU doubles.

Comet has also competed in SSBUsingles and ranked 3rd at Aurora Blitz & Frosty Faustings XII 2020, 9th at Smash Out 2019 & Combo Breaker 2019, 97th at Let's Make Big Moves, 129th at Super Smash Con, and 193rd at Frostbite 2019.