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Nasir Green "BlazingPasta" is an American Super Smash Bros player from Pennsylvania. He mains Peach with Roy and Daisy as secondaries in smash ultimate. In SSB4, he mains Diddy Kong and Ness with Peach as secondary.

Ranked 4th on the Philadelphia Power Rankings and 3rd on the Philadelphia Ultimate Power Rankings, BlazingPasta has laid out top contenders like Fatality, Sinji, and VoiD.

He is a regular participant in events like CN:B-Airs. He was disqualified from Scarlet Classic V and Soaked Series Invitational. He often partners up with smasher CoJam to play ssbu doubles matches.

BlazingPasta has competed in ssbu singles and placed 1st at Smashadelphia Ultimate, 5th at Savepoint: The PA State Championship, 9th at Battle for The East, 13th at Super Smash Con, 17th at Glitch 6, 25th at Shine 2019, 33rd at Collision 2019 & Glitch 8, 49th at Let's Make Big Moves, and 65th at Frostbite 2019.

Check out Blazing Pasta's Twitch stream here.