WNF2021 Episode 8 Results - 3 Generations of Street Fighter

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WNF2021 Episode 8 Results - 3 Generations of Street Fighter
It’s so nice to see different installments of this legendary game series at one tournament

Street Fighter defined the standards for the whole genre, and this game is still living and breathing. Not only does it exist on the modern fighting esports scene in the form of the most recent version, Street Fighter V, but also as regular competitions in the much older games - Street Fighter II and Street Fighter Alpha. One such tourney is Weds Night Fights, and on March 3, we could enjoy WNF2021 Episode 8.

Did you have a chance to watch these streams? No worries, DashFight have you covered. Like with WNF Ep 6, we publish here the videos of those matches. Maybe they will inspire you to participate in the next such event. Or at least, you could absorb new tricks from the fights. 

Super Street Fighter II Turbo - WNF2021 Episode 8, Top 8 Stream

Damien “damdai” Dailidenas had a home run during the Top 8 Finals. He defeated Aldo “Kela420” Enciso in the Winners Semi-Final (3:0) and RenoMD in the winners Final and Grand Final (3:0 and 3:1).

Street Fighter Alpha 2 - WNF2021 Episode 8, Top 8 Stream

Jay “OCxRiDaH” Yi had rather difficult matches against Raúl “Hokuto” Delgado (Winners Semi-Final, 3:2) and John “ChoiBoy” Choi (Winners Final, 3:2). The Grand Final against Jobey “SlamTown” Burgoon (PovertyFiasco) turned out to be a brilliant victory

Street Fighter V - WNF2021 Episode 8, Top 8 Stream

Mario “Mario” Barahona proved their skills in matches against Jose “-The_Comebackid-” Angeles (Winners Semi-Final, 2:1) and Eli “ElitheCurry” Curry (Winner Final, 3:2, and Grand Final, 3:0). Congratulations!

If you play Street Fighter, consider participating in the future events of Weds Night Fights. Also, the organizers have tourneys for other games. Visit this smash.gg page for more details.

Recently, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition got a significant update. Haven’t you missed SFV Season 5? The new fighter, Dan Hibiki, has managed to get some glorious victories - such as at NLBC Online Edition #50.

For Street Fighter of the top level, check out matches of Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Season Final.