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Who Got the Brawlhalla Fools Gold?

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Who Got the Brawlhalla Fools Gold?
Pic Source: BrawlLeagueTV on Twitch
Bows of victory

Each of the traditional Brawlhalla regions has its big esports community series. European players compete in regular tournaments of the Brawl League.

In April, we could witness fights for the Fools Gold. Isn’t this a good preparation for the soon-coming Spring Royale Invitational?

Brawlhalla Esports | Fools Gold | Stream

Only one participant of the Spring Royale reached the Top 8 part — Neeze. Godly did not join Fools Gold. Sgrape fell out of the tournament in Top 32.

Neeze had a pretty tough opponent in the Semi-Final — acno?, who chose to play Kaya in this match (was that because of Impala’s success at DreamHack San Diego?). acno? had a confident start, but then Neeze switched to Diana and won a game. Still, acno? did not let that happen again and won the match 3:1.

In the parallel bracket, Blaze defeated Teoxys while sticking to Orion.

acno? had a pretty successful Winners Final against Blaze. After a 3:0 victory, he proceeded to the Grand Final.

Blaze won the Losers Final vs TheNinja729 to play against acno? again. 

Brawlhalla Esports | Fools Gold | Stream, Grand Final

Blaze chose Cross in the Grand Final, while acno? played Diana. 

Blaze won game 1 but then the situation changed, and acno? got the match and tournament victory. Even switching to Diana for one of the games did not help Blaze.

acno? is the Winner of the Brawl League Fools Gold. Congratulations!

Brawlhalla Legends at Fools Gold 

7. Rikka

7. Skeldra

5. Teoxys

5. Neeze

4. PreciesMaurice

3. TheNinja729


2. Blaze

1. acno?

2v2 Fools Gold | Stream, Grand Final

A bit later, acno? and Blaze teamed up for the Doubles tournament. And they won it after defeating hysen / simpLe in the Grand Final.

In fact, the team of acno? / Blaze got another big victory recently — they are 2v2 Champions of DreamHack San Diego 2023.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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