Vote for the Best Costume for Street Fighter V

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Vote for the Best Costume for Street Fighter V
Capcom has revealed 12 contenders and the whole fighting games community can participate in choosing the best one.

Street Fighter V players can perform amazing combos and demonstrate miracles of perfect timing and unbelievable predictions. But the talents of the fighting games community is not limited to victories on the virtual fighting ground! And the SFV: Champion Edition Costume Design Contest proves this perfectly well.

Capcom started this competition quite a long time ago - anyone could send their art works to the game developers, and the winner will see their costume added to the actual game. To motivate creativity, Capcom regularly posted concept art pieces from the history of Street Fighter games. We saw various costumes for:

Now, the SFV Costume Design Contest comes to an end - the final voting started on the Twitter account of Street Fighter. You can find there 12 contenders and vote for the best with your likes.


12 costumes in the final part of Street Fighter V Costume Design Contest:

The voting is open till August 31, so you have time to make your choice.

It’s interesting how for developing both artistic and gaming skills we need one thing - practice. The more time you invest in something the better you become at it. If you choose to practice fighting, then our guide may be very helpful - check out the article Street Fighter V - an Ultimate Guide for Beginners.