Capcom Inspires - Concept Arts of Ibuki’s Costume

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Capcom Inspires - Concept Arts of Ibuki’s Costume
You still have time to participate in SFV Costume Design Contest

Before a costume can be added to Street Fighter V, designers come up with various ideas. They implement images from their head as concept artworks - drawings that reflect the idea. Later, this picture gets a full-fledged version, suitable for a game character, so players can enjoy the fresh look of their favourite fighters (or their powerful opponents).

Do you feel fascinated by the magic of game creation? Then feel free to get involved in it - and Capcom shares another inspirational post for you. The development company has published concept artwork for the default costume of Ibuki in Street Fighter V. Check them out on the picture above.

Ibuki is both a student and a ninja, so her appearance should reflect this part of her personality. What do you think? Did the designers do a good job with this fighter?

Capcom inspires the fighting game community to apply their artworks to the SFV Costume Design Contest. Don’t miss the chance to add your creation to the game! You have time until July 21.


The previous images shared by Capcom are costumes for Lucia.