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The 30 Best Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods

The 30 Best Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods

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This collection of DBFZ mods can bring special fun into your fighting experience

Gamers have quite a few reasons to prefer playing on PC (and quite a few to avoid that). But I’m not going to have a PC vs. consoles discussion here. The article is about only one advantage… ok, a distinctive feature of PC gaming — the possibility to use mods. And specifically, about fun, beautiful, or just in a way, interesting Dragon Ball FighterZ mods.

Let’s start with the technical aspect of this process.

How to Mod Dragon Ball FighterZ

Follow these steps to install DBFZ mods:

1. Uninstall the Easy Anti-Cheat service

  • Proceed to the folder … Steam / steamapps / common / DRAGON BALL FighterZ / EasyAntiCheat
  • Launch the file EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe
  • Press Uninstall.

Notice that this action means you will not be able to play online (!) — cosmetic mods are harmless, but their nature is very similar to cheating stuff.

To activate the service back, repeat the described actions and press Install Easy Anti-Cheat.

2. Rename the file RED-Win64-Shipping.exe to RED-Win64-Shipping-eac-nop-loaded.exe.

  • Proceed to the folder … Steam / steamapps / common / DRAGON BALL FighterZ / RED / Binaries / Win64
  • Rename RED-Win64-Shipping.exe to RED-Win64-Shipping-eac-nop-loaded.exe

To play your modded game, you will need to launch Dragon Ball FighterZ through this file, not through Steam.

Change the file name back to return to the default settings.

3. Create the ~mods folder.

  • Proceed to the folder … Steam / steamapps / common / DRAGON BALL FighterZ / RED / Content / Paks
  • Create the folder ~mods 

4. Install a mod. Usually, you need to download a zip folder and extract the content to ~mods.

To play Dragon Ball Fighterz with no mods again, you need only to install Easy Anti-Cheat, rename the launch file back to RED-Win64-Shipping.exe, and then start playing through Steam. There’s no need to uninstall mods. You can revert the action, and your mods will be already there.

Top 30 DBFZ Mods

All mods in this list are strictly cosmetic, so they will not affect the actual gameplay. (If you want to play better, DashFight’s DBFZ guides might be helpful)

For your convenience, guys, I divided these mods for Dragon Ball FighterZ into categories:

  • Character mods
  • Stage mods
  • Costume mods
  • Texture mods
  • Audio mods
  • Misc mods

Character Mods | Dragon Ball FighterZ

01 Frieza as Mewtwo

Some ingenious (but certainly mad) scientists used the DNA of the Legendary Pokémon Mew and created a powered-up version, Mewtwo. The creature has absolutely incredible abilities, including mind control. In a way, Mewtwo is almighty, able to control the Universe. He is very similar to Frieza!

So, why not replace that tyrant with Mewtwo in your Dragon Ball FighterZ matches? That’s quite a new level of fighting strength (or rather DBFZ fun)!

Download Mewtwo | DBFZ Mods

And you know where you can play Mewtwo without any mods? Yep, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — after unlocking the creature.

02 Waluigi

Modders do what Nintendon’t! Can’t get Waluigi in the SSBU roster? Then use this mod for DBFZ and finally get the evil guy — with some pretty impressive abilities (from the original character).

Download Waluigi | DBFZ Mods

03 Vegito as Deadpool

Here we become a bit more serious (oh, can we be serious with Deadpool?) This character is pretty strong and would be a nice addition to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. And the charisma of Deadpool has been put into quite a decent model — he replaces Vegito, one of the top DBFZ fighters.

Download Vegito as Deadpool | DBFZ Mods

04 Majin Buu as Patrick Star

They are pretty similar to each other — both big and pink. And there is no doubt that Patrick from the SpongeBob series loves candy as much as Majin Buu does. 

Ok, Patrick is a lazy star, lying under a rock, while Majin Buu… well, he is one of the mightiest creatures of the Universe. But that makes the mod even funnier! Patrick will put this new power to good use.

Download Majin Buu as Patrick Star | DBFZ Mods

Patrick is a star in all the meanings. Recently, he even got his own game (with 19+ sidekicks) — Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

05 Omega Shenron

Not all dragons in Dragon Ball are good. Yes, you can summon Shenron in the game, and he will grant your fighting wish (we described that in DBFZ Beginner Guide). But the anime also has Shadow Dragons, which are quite the opposite of being good. Omega Shenron (or Syn Shenron) is one of them, and he is pure evil. His heart is selfish and knows no compassion. His goal is to destroy the whole Universe. In other words, he’s pretty cool!

The developers were probably afraid to add such a personality to the game. But (almost) nothing can scare modders. Thanks to their effort, we have Omega Shenron in DBFZ.

Download Omega Shenron | DBFZ Mods

06 Zarbon

This powerful warrior accompanied Frieza in his search for the Dragon Balls on Namek. He looked like a handsome guy (and even Bulma almost fell in love with him). But it turned out that Zarbon is terrifyingly strong — especially when he transforms into a monster. Zarbon managed to defeat Vegeta once, but then he became a victim himself when the prince of Saiyans had gained more power.

Zarbon is a memorable character, even if he is not in the main roster. Bring the guy to your game with this mod for Dragon Ball FighterZ!

Download Zarbon | DBFZ Mods

07 Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Pack

08 Monkey D. Luffy

He is a hero of the One Piece anime, which is considered one of the iconic Japanese series — exactly like Dragon Ball. Having Monkey D. Luffy in DBFZ is quite an experience! Even if it’s just a mod.

Download Monkey D. Luffy | DBFZ Mods

Stage Mods | Dragon Ball FighterZ

09 Stage Mod pack

The game has a solid selection of stages, but you know, it’s always ok to add something fresh to your fighting experience. What about entering one of these three locations: 

  • Hall of Chaos instead of Rocky Field (Evening)
  • Kami Lookout instead of Cell Games Arena
  • Mako Reactor (from Final Fantasy VII) instead of West City (Destroyed)

What do you think? Can a different stage affect your mood in Dragon Ball FIghterZ

Download Stage Mod pack | DBFZ Mods

10 Capsule Corp. over West City

Capsule Corporation (or at least its products) plays a significant role in the Dragon Ball anime. Having a cozy house in the middle of nowhere or conjuring a jet from thin air to search for the balls — everything is possible with those almost magical capsules.

Bulma’s father is an ingenious inventor. He found the Capsule Corp. and then did his best to help the heroes (by creating a spaceship for Goku to reach Namek, for example).

Yeah, the сorporation totally has its right to be highlighted in DBFZ. Grab this mod and play on the Capsule Corp. stage instead of West City.

Download Capsule Corp. over West City | DBFZ Mods

11 Android 21’s Underground Lab over Cavern

This character was introduced exclusively to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Akira Toriyama himself created Android 21 for the game.

It’s kind of hard to tell whether she’s good or evil. She definitely has an evil side, eager to satisfy infinite hunger. But also, Android 21 has a good core that does everything to stop herself from destroying the world.

The character spends a lot of her time in the Underground Lab to... work on stuff (play the story mode to know the details). With this DBFZ mod, you can visit the laboratory and kick some **things** — evil or good, it’s your choice.

Download Android 21’s Underground Lab over Cavern | DBFZ Mods

Android 21 is one of the strongest characters in the game. You’ll find her on the top of DashFight’s DBFZ Tier List.

12 Kame House Stage

So many things happen in Kame House. Master Roshi enjoys his adult magazines, teaches young Goku and Krillin to fight, watches girls on TV, helps everyone to battle villains or collect Dragon Balls, and (of course) tries to steal the underwear of Bulma or Launch.

Wait a minute! Why do so many things from that list sound so nasty? They are much funnier in the anime!

Anyways, Kame House is an important place for Goku. He took his first steps as a fighter here. And he would probably like to return to such a stage for splashy DBFZ fights. That’s possible with this mod!

Download Kame House Stage | DBFZ Mods

13 Spooky Destroyed City

West City might be a scary place — especially when such guys as Piccolo Daimaō decide to destroy it totally.

One of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s stages shows West City actually destroyed.  Could it become scarier (but probably in a good way)? Yep, with this mode! It recolors the place, adding the spooky atmosphere of Halloween.

Download Spooky Destroyed City | DBFZ Mods

Costume Mods | Dragon Ball FighterZ

14 Gogeta costume pack

This guy has been created through the fusion of Goku and Vegeta — when they use Potara fusion with Supreme Kai’s earrings.

Gogeta is a decent DBFZ character. He has two forms here: Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan 4. The mod adds six more, which replace some colors:

  • SSJ Gogeta
  • Base Gogeta
  • Gogeta Black
  • Vestless Gogeta
  • Fusion Reborn Gogeta
  • SSG Gogeta

Download Gogeta costume pack | DBFZ Mods

15 Ultra Instinct Goku Costume pack

Goku is a very unusual guy. His Saiyan nature makes him obsessed with fights. And new powerful opponents motivate Goku to grow stronger. Even death can’t stop this process of fighting, hard training, and fighting again.

At one point in this cycle, Goku asked Whis, attendant for Beerus, to teach him how to reach the level of Ultra Instinct. In this state, the body makes fighting decisions itself, with no involvement of the conscious mind. The training was a success (as usual), and Goku got another form, UI Goku.

Having various costumes for Ultra Instinct Goku will not help you perform more DBFZ Combos (this guide will help). But those costumes are certainly cool, and having them will probably motivate you to train more and fight better.

Download Ultra Instinct Goku Costume pack | DBFZ Mods

16 Jiren Skin Mods

Jiren had a pretty difficult childhood. He lost his parents and started learning martial arts. Then, his master and other disciples were defeated by a powerful villain. The guy remained alone again, but he continued his training nevertheless. His dedication drew the attention of the God of Destruction, and Jiren became one of the elite  Pride Troopers.

Ok, the game itself doesn’t allow the players to delve into Jiren’s story. Doesn’t it mean we have the freedom to imagine things from his background? 

This mod gives such opportunities — with it, Jiren becomes similar to other characters from the DB Universe (Chiaotzu, Super Buu) and beyond (Saitama from One-Punch Man, Morgana from Persona 5).

Download Jiren Skin Mods | DBFZ Mods

17 Android 18 Skin Mods

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lazuli. Her life changed drastically when the evil genius Dr. Gero integrated tricky artificial components into her body. Thus, Android 18 was born.

For some time, she tried to accomplish her goal as Dr. Gero’s creation — kill Goku. But after an almost disastrous battle against Cell (and obviously having Dr. Gero dead), Android 18 freed herself from that mission and started a new happy life with (oh… watch the anime or play the DBFZ story to discover).

This mod adds new costumes for Android 18. Some of them are based on different appearances of the character in Dragon Ball episodes. Others reflect personalities from popular franchises, such as NieR: Automata (Android 17 and 18 become 9S and 2B), Pokémon (James and Jessie from Team R), or Resident Evil 2 (Clair and Leon).

Download Android 18 Skin Mods | DBFZ Mods

18 Kefla Skin Mods

In the world of Dragon Ball, Goku has many friends and lots of enemies. Saiyans Kale and Caulifla did not want to join the party of allies. Their intention was to defeat that annoying guy and to do so, they decided to fuse, using Supreme Kai’s earrings. Kefla is the result of this Potara fusion. She is impressively powerful. Goku definitely had problems fighting the girl.

Do you play Kefla in Dragon Ball FighterZ? Here are a few new costumes for her. They change her form (Super Saiyan 2, Base) or make her similar to other characters (Cammy from Street Fighter, Wonder Woman).

Download Kefla Skin Mods | DBFZ Mods

Texture Mods | Dragon Ball FighterZ

19 Full Color Manga Palette Pack

Originally, Dragon Ball was a manga story. Anime and video games came later, expanding the audience and bringing new layers of fun. It is still nice to feel that manga atmosphere! This mod brings it to Dragon Ball FighterZ by replacing color 02 for the characters with manga-based palettes.

Download Full Color Manga Palette Pack | DBFZ Mods

20 RecolorZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is colorful, alright, but you can move even further in that direction. Thanks to RecolorZ, the game images become more vibrant or… just different. Install the mod and feast your eyes.

Download RecolorZ | DBFZ Mods

21 Anime Accurate Recolors over Color04

Audio Mods | Dragon Ball FighterZ

22 DBFZ Anime Music Pack

Music is definitely important for fighting games. It creates an atmosphere and affects your mood.

If you love the DB anime, you might be interested in replacing some tracks in DBFZ with anime music.

Download Anime Music Pack | DBFZ Mods


This mod adds original soundtracks from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. It’s not a random collection. It reflects the author’s emotions on different characters and stages.

Download DBS-DBZ OST Pack | DBFZ Mods

24 Marvel VS. Capcom 2 Music Mod

Marvel VS. Capcom 2 is one of the best fighting games ever created. And Dragon Ball FighterZ… yeah, it’s certainly good enough to get the same praise. 

The creator of this mod made this connection even tighter and brought music from Marvel VS. Capcom 2 to DBFZ. Do you enjoy such a soundtrack?

Download Marvel VS. Capcom 2 Music | DBFZ Mods

25 Persona OST

Persona is a pretty big game series. It’s not of the fighting genre originally, but you have a decent amount of fights against various monsters.

Do you want to feel the Pesona spirit in DBFZ? Then try out this mod!

Download Persona OST | DBFZ Mods

26 Toonami Soundtrack

27 DBFZ OST Mod Maker

Game modding opens many excellent opportunities. If you have some ideas on a unique custom soundtrack but don’t want to spend time on learning technical tools, this mod might be very helpful.

Download DBFZ OST Mod Maker | DBFZ Mods

Misc Mods | Dragon Ball FighterZ

28 No HUD Toggle

This mod removes all the HUD elements, so you can concentrate on the fight.

Most of that information is rather useful, but no health bars and other stuff might give you a new level of immersion.

Download No HUD Toggle | DBFZ Mods

29 SM64 Mario Avatar

Ok, this mod is just hilarious. You will have Mario as your DBFZ avatar. Does it have any practical meaning? Nope. Is it fun? For Mario fans — yes, without a doubt (almost a must-have thing)!

Download SM64 Mario Avatar | DBFZ Mods

30 Free Gacha Shop

This mod is a bit more practical (but totally not as hilarious as the Mario one).

The game is generous in giving players Zeni for cosmetic purchases. But if you don’t want to do that a long way (for example, when you had that experience on another platform), you can install this Dragon Ball FighterZ mod and purchase capsules in the Gacha Shop without spending the in-game currency.

Download Free Gacha Shop | DBFZ Mods

The PC gaming community is so creative and produces countless numbers of mods. On DashFight, we’ve posted selections of the best mods for Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V. Please check them out. Hopefully, they will not distract you too much from the main fun — fighting itself.

For other interesting and helpful posts on Dragon Ball FighterZ and fighting games in general, follow DashFight on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss our great videos on YouTube!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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