7 Great Tekken 7 Mods & How to Install

Aug 21 20208 min
7 Great Tekken 7 Mods & How to Install
Do you need more hilarious costumes? Tekken mods are here to help?

It seems like almost nothing can stop the creative power of gamers. Even if Tekken 7 offers an amazon customization section, we can’t stop ourselves from looking for even more options. Creators from the fighting games community have released a huge variety of Tekken 7 mods that bring tons of visual and audio changes. On the other side, players willingly use various mods for Tekken, so good creations are always in demand.

In this article on DashFight, we would like to highlight some aspects of using Tekken 7 PC mods and recommend our readers the 7 very good among them (in our humble opinion).

Previously we made a similar post on modes in Street Fighter V (and we chose five mods there, supporting the magic of numbers).


What are mods in Tekken 7?

They are modifications that change some aspects of the game. In fact, a mod is additional code, which developers allow to connect to their product.

There are various types of mods:

  • Tekken 7 music mods - to change the soundtrack 
  • Tekken 7 costume mods - to change costumes of the fighters. For example, Tekken 7 King mods give new clothes to King.
  • Tekken 7 character mods - they can add new personalities in your game (by changing the appearance of the existing characters)
  • Tekken 7 stage mods - use them if you want to fight on unusual stages (the same like with characters, these mods are rather cosmetic, they do not change physical features of the stages)
  • Tekken 7 HUD mods - to change in-game user interface

There also are some (very bad) mods that give players unfair advantages. Yes, it’s true - theoretically, players can use cheating mods in their games. Such modifications are just awful! They ruin experience for everyone involved, including even those who use them (you alway know those victories are fake, and you never can really enjoy the game). Such mods are known in shooters. Thank goodness, fighting games are well protected from such modifications.

To this bad category, we can include Tekken 7 rank mods that mess with your rank. It is much better to improve your skills and get high Tekken 7 ranks when you really deserve this.

Many mods are unavailable for multiplayer via the Internet - they are installed only on one computer. You may need Tekken 7 mods online for such modified matches. But most mods work offline or in our custom games.

By the way, don’t confuse mods (modifications) with modes - they only sound similar but these are totally different things. On DashFight, we have an article about Tekken 7 modes, so check it out.


Tekken 7: how to install mods?

Modifications are available only for PC players. Someone would say it’s a limitation of the consoles. Still, many console gamers consider it a powerful advantage - they don’t like messing with the ideas of the developers (and be vulnerable to cheating).

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to install Tekken 7 mods:

  1. Find a mod you would like to use. One of the most popular hubs is this Deviantart page.
  2. Download the mod.
  3. Copy the file(s) to the folder … Steam->steamapps->common->Tekken 7->TekkenGame->Content->Paks->~mods. The Steam folder is in Program Files usually. The ~mods folder should be created manually, so use exactly the same name.
  4. Open the game and enjoy the mod - it should be there.

The process of installing Tekken 7 mods is as easy as pie. It may be more difficult to choose one from a really vast collection.


Tekken 7 Customization Mods

For this article we’ve selected only some examples of the game modifications. We encourage you to use links to Tekken 7 mods download, to try them out in your matches, and then check out other awesome creations of your fellow gamers.


1. Tekken 4 Ending Cinematic Devil Jin

Some mods authors do not try to come up with their costume ideas and prefer taking original designs from other Tekken games. Bandai Namco has really good artists, so it’s a good idea to use this amazing heritage. If you take this mod, you‘ll turn Jin into his devil form from the final part of Tekken 4. Look for other tekken 7 Jin mods and you find both original and classic designs.

Download Ending Cinematic Devil Jin



2. Monochromatic Goth Alisa

What do you think - is this costume good for Alisa? If yes, take it and enjoy the game. If not, don’t forget that you can fill her wardrobe with lots of other dresses - there are many Tekken 7 Alisa mods out there.

Download Monochromatic Goth Alisa


3. Tekken 7 Stage Mod - Temple Serenity

What about fighting near that blooming sakura? The place seems to be very peaceful, so it’s like a hint at the peace inside players that helps them fight more effectively.

Download Temple Serenity


4. Tekken 7 - Color Swimsuit Mod

With this mod. you can choose different colors of bikini for the female fighters. By default, this piece of clothes has a flower pattern - it will be removed. This mod shows possibilities of such modifications and makes an example of what you can look for. It’s not one of the Tekken 7 nude mods, but such stuff also exists.

Download Color Swimsuit Mod


5. Male Fundoshi Mod

Ok, if we have a mod to demonstrate beautiful bodies of the female Tekken 7 characters, let’s have something from men. These guys put quite a lot of effort into building those amazing muscles, so why hide them behind clothes? Let them fight only in fundoshi, traditional Japanese underwear. It’s a good alternative to Tekken 7 mods nude!

Download Male Fundoshi Mod Tekken 7


6. Tekken 7 Jukebox Music Pack - Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken 7 is not the only game in the series. There were quite a lot of installments before (for example, we put Tekken 3 at the top of our list The Best Tekken Games). Visuals of old titles may look weird for modern gamers but music rarely gets older. With this music mod, you can play soundtrack of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in Tekken 7

Download this T7 mod


7. Leo x Lee Tekken 7 mod

With this modification, you can use the costume of one character for another one. It’s one of the Tekken 7 Leo mods, which allows the German guy to wear costumes of Lee.

Download Leo x Lee


There are some other types of mods that we haven't included in this post - such as Tekken 7 thicc mods. Do you remember that part about the unstoppable power of creativity? The variety of mods is absolutely insane, and if there is no some specific thing, you can take the creation mission in your own hands.

Before you start playing with mods, we recommend learning the fighting mechanics properly. DashFight is a great source of info on Tekken 7 and other fighting games. Our guide on How to Play Tekken 7 will be very helpful for beginners.

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