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Tekken 7: All Game Modes Explained

Tekken 7: All Game Modes Explained

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Bandai Namco
This great game offers quite a lot of different modes. What to choose to boost your progress?

Modern fighting games are like huge universes, where players can get lost for long, very long hours. Still, this impressive amount of playing activities may be even scary for beginners. Don’t worry! This article on DashFight will take you through all the game modes in Tekken 7 and give you advice on what to play for taking the max from this extraordinary fighting.

Still, it would be better to check out other basic stuff on Tekken 7 first. We recommend all the newcomers who want to boost their progress to take a look at our guide for beginners How to Play Tekken 7.

The Mishima Saga - the Story Mode of Tekken 7

This mode stands first in the game list and it is highly recommended as the initial introduction to all things Tekken.

The Story Mode has two parts:

  • Episodes of the Mishima Saga, where you meet basic characters of the Tekken game series. The plot here is a bit chaotic and to understand its real depth, you should play the previous installments. Thank goodness, this is not necessary! The Mishima Saga is not so significant in your further playing experience. Through cutscenes, it allows feeling the game atmosphere and knowing the personality of some fighters. Through the fights, it allows you to “taste” the gameplay and start developing your skills.
  • Character Episodes have little connection to the Saga. Here you meet more characters and discover short and often funny stories that are meant mostly to bring you even deeper into the Tekken atmosphere.

Start playing the Tekken 7 Story Mode but feel free to distract from it. In fact, it seems like the game wants you to visit other modes - the difficulty grows significantly, so you should visit Practice and Offline Battles to train with new characters and then play the Saga and the Character Episodes more effectively.

The introduction of fighters in Tekken 7 is a bit similar to stories of characters in Street Fighter V.

One on one with CPU - single-player battles

The section of Offline Battles is the primary destination for all the beginners in Tekken 7. And not only for them - even advanced players visit it regularly to practice some specific skills.

In the Offline section, you’ll find:

  • Arcade Battle - your fighter meets many opponents, one after another. Victories help to get promoted to a new in-game rank and earn in-game money.
  • Treasure Battle - the core of this mode is very similar to the Arcade, but victories here give random cosmetic items. Also, the opponents have unusual outfits.
  • VS Battle - this is a two-player mode for couch multiplayer. Select it to enjoy fighting with a friend.
  • Practice - your opponent stays still and you can train attacks and moves. This is a great place to practice various tricks and fighting features. You can change the opponent’s behavior - for example, if you have difficulties with specific actions of a specific fighter.

Offline Battles in Tekken 7 is a perfect place to train basic attacks and learn much more effective moves. Of course, you can choose to just have fun with no pressure of the online battles.

The Primary Mode of Tekken 7 - Online Multiplayer

Some beginners can’t stop themselves from visiting the online fights without proper offline practice - usually, they are smashed by more experienced players (especially in Ranked Battles). It is better to be patient and start your online experience only after finishing the Story Mode and developing enough confidence in Arcade/Treasure Battles. (And you obviously should abandon the bad habit of beginners to mash buttons).

Online Modes of Tekken 7 are:

  • Ranked Battle - here you’ll find very tense fights because players enter this mode to win and improve their online ranks.
  • Player Match -> Quick Match - this is rather casual multiplayer, so beginners should start their online experience from here. Face an opponent from the community or start an online match with a friend.
  • Tournament - this section allows you to participate in a tournament or create one. Join a competition only if you already get victories in Ranked Matches.

A similar scheme of online matches can be found in many fighting games - for example in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Tekken 7 for fun and in-game education

To play Tekken 7 better, you should practice a lot and be open to new information. This fighting by Bandai Namco is super deep and even esports professionals have something to learn. Guides on FashFight will be quite helpful for this purpose. And the game itself offers a mode for self-improvement - the section My Replays & Tips. Visit it after playing online matches. Watch your own fights from aside and learn from your mistakes.

The seventh game is one of the best in the Tekken series. And of course, it has one of the best distinguishing features of its predecessors - the Customization Mode. Change the appearance of your fighter in any way you want to. Feel free to go nuts - let your imagination fly and create something super ridiculous.

Do you know where else you can go nuts? In the Tekken Bowling! Yes, it’s true - this one of the most popular fighting games has a bowling mode, Ultimate Tekken Bowl.  Just play for fun alone or with a friend. You can even activate Heihachi pins.

Another interesting section is the Gallery. You can watch movies and art images from the previous games of the Tekken franchise.

So, now you know all the basics of the modes in Tekken 7. It is time to launch the game and explore them in practice!

And then, find time to return to DashFight - we have many other interesting articles and exciting news on Tekken 7 as a game and esports discipline.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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