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Pyra/Mythra in Smash Ultimate: Presentation

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Pyra/Mythra in Smash Ultimate: Presentation
It’s time to get excited and enjoy Mr Sakurai’s explanation of the new SSBU character

Have you watched the recent Nintendo Direct, where the company revealed the addition of Pyra/Mythra to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? The initial trailer is pretty awesome and makes everyone wonder what this character can actually do in the Nintendo fighting game.

A fresh portion of Smash greatness is already here - Masahiro Sakurai has made his full-fledged presentation. And something absolutely wonderful from it is the release date. Pyra/Mythra is available now.

The previous such presentation was about Sephiroth.

So, let's see how the game creator and director is showing how to play Pyra/Mythra in Smash Ultimate.

Mr. Sakurai Presents Pyra/Mythra in SSBU 

Pyra and Mythra are not two different persons, they are rather two sides of one personality. Pyra is an embodiment of kindness and good manners. Mythra is of a short temper and can behave even aggressively. This character was created by awakening one of the mythical Crystal - to fight the evil guy Malos, who appeared from another Crystal. Mythra was first, but then she saw the destruction caused by her actions, so she created an alternate being, Pyra. They both are alive swords of a Driver, Rex. Their story has been told in the Nintendo game Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

To recreate the atmosphere of that adventure, the developers have added a stage from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to SSBU. It’s named Cloud See of Alrest, and it looks like an alive creature, Azurda (Gramps). Sometimes, this Titan turns the head back to watch other giant creatures (and mechanisms) flying by, so the stage becomes smaller, and fighters may have problems with recovery. Omega and Battlefield versions of Cloud See of Alrest have no Azurda  - they are mechanical platforms. Other characters from the original game can be seen on the stage.

Moveset of Pyra and Mythra in Smash Ultimate

Sakurai-san has explained attacks and special moves of new fighters in detail (like he did with Sephiroth and Minecraft Steve/Alex earlier).

Difference between Pyra and Mythra in Smash Ultimate

Pyra is more powerful. Mythra is a faster fighter. The difference during fights becomes more evident with Special/Smash attacks - their neutral game is roughly the same, but Mythra is quicker, and Pyra deals bigger damage and reaches a bit further.

Basic Attacks of Pyra/Mythra in SSBU

  • Jab - sword swinging that ends up with an energy blow (fire for Pyra and light for Mythra)
  • Dash Attacks - a quick movement and a sword hit.
  • Tilt Attacks - sword blows in different directions (side, up, down). Down Tilt of Mythra is good for combos, it launches the victim a bit up. 

Air Attacks of Pyra and Mythra in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Neutral Air - one sword hit for Pyra and a few for Mythra. 
  • Side, Up Air - sword attacks in different directions. The speed and power of Pyra and Mythra make them feel different in the air.
  • Down Air - Pyra launches the victim downwards (with poor recovery). Mythra’s Down Air doesn’t have the meteor effect.

Pyra/Mythra in Smash - Throws

  • Grabs of Pyra are more powerful but riskier. Mythra acts quicker.
  • Side, Up, Down Throws reflect the same difference in abilities of these fighters. Down Throw is a good combo starter for both Pyra and Mythra. 

Special Attacks of Pyra/Mythra in Smash Ultimate

These attacks have been taken from the original game.

  • Neutral Special - Flame Nova for Pyra, she spins her sword, creating kind of a fire ring; Lightning Buster for Mythra, it’s a series of quick and powerful sword strikes that reach distant opponents but hit only in front of your character.
  • Side Special - Blazing End for Pyra, she throws her sword, which spins and hits several times; Photon Edge for Mythra, the fighter dashes with an incredible speed (almost teleport) and activates a series of splashy swings.
  • Up Special - Prominence Revolt for Pyra, she jumps and creates a pillar of fire with excellent launch power; Ray of Punishment for Mythra, it’s also a jump, and then Mythra shoots a light arrow towards the ground. Mythra’s Up Special turns into Chroma Dust if you repeatedly press the B button, it shoots five light arrows. 
  • Down Special - Swap. It changes fighters Pyra <--> Mythra. You can choose who will be the starting character by pressing Y in the character selection screen. The invincibility period at the moment of changing the fighter can save from attacks.

Smash Attacks - Pyra/Mythra in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Side Smash - Flare Smash for Pyra, a chargeable sword attack with super-strong launch power that is quite unsafe though; Foresight for Mythra, protection from attacks while dodging (similar to Bat Within of Bayonetta).
  • Up Smash - Mythra hits a few times, but Pyra puts more power in this sword attack.
  • Down Smash - the fighters spin with their swords and attack opponents from both sides.

Final Smash of Pyra and Mythra in SSBU

The girls have different Final Smashes. 

  • Burning Sword for Pyra - Rex appears in the game and they attack the victim with the fire sword. This attack is dedicated to KO the opponent.
  • Sacred Arrow for Mythra. Rex and the fighter create a rain of light arrows. Use this type of Final Smash to deal significant damage.

Different colors of Pyra and Mythra in Smash Ultimate

Take a look at the available color variations for these characters. They may be used to confuse your opponents - to make them see Pyra when you’re actually playing Mythra and vice versa.

If Kirby swallows Pyra, he gains Fame Nova for the Copy Ability. And it’s Lightning Buster for Mythra.

Xenoblade Chronicles Spirits

You’ll find a few Smash spirits from the universe of Xenoblade Chronicles. Some of them were added with this DLC fighter: Jin, Malos, Lora, Amalthus, and Pneuma.

New Mii costumes

Take a look at these new costumes for Mii fighters. They are:

  • Hunter equipment (Swordfighter) - Monster Hunter;
  • Rathalos equipment (Swordfighter) - Monster Hunter;
  • Felyne (Hat) - Monster Hunter;
  • Arthur (Swordfighter) - Ghosts’N Goblins.

It seems like Nintendo has good relationships with Capcom, the company behind all those games. Does it mean we can expect even tighter cooperation Smash and Street Fighter?

It’s the 9th set of Mii Fighter Costumes. Please, check out some others: 6th and 8th.

The ability to freely switch between Pyra and Mythra is similar to Pokémon Trainer or rather to Zelda and Sheik in Melee. Do you like such a feature?

It's interesting to try out Pyra/Mythra in action. And also, it would be great to see them at professional tournaments - for example, at events of Smash World Tour.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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