Five New Mii Fighter Costumes in SSBU

Dec 24 20203 min
Five New Mii Fighter Costumes in SSBU
Pic Source: Nintendo YouTube
They would be good Smash characters, but it’s still great to have them as Mii outfits

Do you like Mii Fighters? Their costumes give the developers a very good opportunity to add lots of new personalities into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate without adjusting (and potentially ruining) the game balance. On the other hand, these costumes are rather a faded substitute to having fully-fledged characters - imagine you wanted that guy so badly, and then you get him but only as a Mii Fighter (it’s still better than an SSBU spirit, though).

Let’s focus on the positive side of Mii Fighters and take a look at their five new costumes. These outfits were added to Smash Ultimate with the most recent update, which also brought Sephiroth to SSBU players

Chocobo Hat - SSBU Mii Fighter Costume

I don’t know about you, but this is my personal favorite. Chocobos are so cute, I would like to ride them all day)

Of course, it’s just a hat, but it is absolutely gorgeous. It’s made in the style of big birds from the Final Fantasy series. Such a hat would fit many other costumes of Mii Fighters.

Geno - Smash Ultimate Mii Fighter Costume

At last, after a fake leak and many rumors, Nintendo treated the fans of Mario RPG to having this guy.

The only Mario game with Geno is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, which was developed by Square - so, the addition of this hero with Final Fantasy characters seems to be quite natural.

Geno costume is available for Mii Gunner in Smash Bros. 4 as well.

Aerith - Mii Fighter Costume in SSBU

Some Final Fantasy fans consider this character a not very good sword fighter. In FFVII, she is a supportive member of the team - but such a role isn’t suitable for SSBU.

Aerith will fight with a stave, and her success definitely depends on your skills.

Barret - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mii Fighter Costume

This guy from Final Fantasy VII has his entire arm replaced with a gun. He is such an impressive Mii Gunner!

Tifa - Mii Fighter Costume in SMash Ultimate

In FFVII, this girl is an excellent fighter. Her skills will have a perfect use in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - even if this is just a costume.

Smash Bros. Ultimate - Mii Fighter Costumes #8 trailer