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Moose Wars, King's Crusade — Champions Fight

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Moose Wars, King's Crusade — Champions Fight
Pic Source: Moose Wars, King's Crusade on start.gg
This tournament ended up being a clash of two Brawlhalla titans

It’s always interesting to watch tourneys of the Moose Wars — some of the best Brawlhalla players in North America participate in them, and we can witness great, spectacular matches.

The March Moose Wars event got the name King's Crusade. You know, considering the results of the most recent official invitational, this naming is especially clever. The King himself joined the fight. And the World Champion was his main opponent.

Oh, let’s not give too many details yet. Here is the stream to see the competition in its full excitement.

Moose Wars, King's Crusade | Stream, Top 8

Yep, you should probably know who the current King of Brawlhalla is — luna, the winner of Winter Royale Invitational. In the Winners Semi-Final, luna faced megD, and this was a tough and very close match. The players exchanged games while sticking to their characters. The fight reached the very last stock, with quite an advantage for megD — but still, luna did not die having red health and won the match.

The Semi-Final was much easier for Impala, the winner of Brawlhalla World Championship 2022. His opponent was Fakey, but even switching from Mordex to Munin did not help him.

The Winners Final was the first match of the series luna vs Impala. And it was in favor of the BCX 2022 Champion. Impala won 3:1 and kicked luna to the Losers side.

Moose Wars, King's Crusade | Stream, Grand Final

The atmosphere in this match was quite the opposite of the previous fight between luna and Impala. This time, luna looked overpowered and won the first match with a clear 3:0.

In the Grand Final Reset, Impala managed to win game 1, but then luna returned to the power track and defeated the opponent in three games in a row.

luna is the winner of Moose Wars, King's Crusade. Congratulations!

Guess who won the previous tournament of this series? Correct! luna was the best at Moose Wars: Frozen Fury too — please, check out our post about that event.

Brawlhalla Legends at Moose Wars, King's Crusade

7. Pier


5. hardymj

5. Raydish

4. Fakey

3. megD

2. Impala

1. luna

King's Crusade is one of the officially sponsored community events in March. The others include Bearded Brawl #2 in Australia and Brawl League: Slam Rock 2023 in Europe.

The next official open tournament is right around the corner. Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2023 starts on March 24/25. Stay tuned to DashFight for more info — for example, we’ll highlight the best moments on Twitter.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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