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Brawlhalla Moose Wars: Who’s the Most Furios?

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Brawlhalla Moose Wars: Who’s the Most Furios?
Pic Source: Moose Wars: Frozen Fury on start.gg
This new event of the popular community series has been named Frozen Fury

What could be a better way to get prepared for the upcoming Brawlhalla Winter Royale Invitational than participating in a top-level community event? Two players from North America used this chance: luna and Raydish joined Moose Wars: Frozen Fury.

This tournament is one of a few officially sponsored in February. We also had:

Are you ready to watch a match or two (or the whole stream)?

Moose Wars: Frozen Fury | Stream, Top 8

The biggest fight of this tournament was between luna and Sandstorm. Both players entered the Top 8 part through the Winners brackets and pretty confidently defeated their opponents in the Semis. 

In the Winners Final, luna was unstoppable with Lucien. 3:0, and Sandstorm was sent to the elimination brackets.

Here, we witnessed some very close matches. Raydish (the Winners of the Winter Championship 2023) was kicked out of the tournament by Guichabou. But then Guichabou experienced the same fate after the Losers Semis against megD (the winner of Moose Mania, the previous event of this series). It wasn't easy for Sandstorm to pass megD, but eventually, the guy proceeded to the Grand Final to face luna again.

Moose Wars: Frozen Fury | Grand Finals

This time, the fight luna vs Sandstorm was much tougher. luna stuck to Lucien while Sandstorm switched between characters. After many back-and-forth games, luna won the last stock and prevented resetting the bracket.

luna is the Champion of Moose Wars: Frozen Fury. Congratulations!

Brawlhalla Characters at Moose Wars: Frozen Fury

7. BalloonBoy

7. Raydish

5. Fakey


4. Guichabou

3. megD

2. Sandstorm


1. luna

Brawlhalla Winter Royale Invitational happens on March 10-11. Alongside the top 3 players from NA Winter Championship, there will be top 3 competitors from Europe and South America. Stay tuned to DashFight for more info on this exciting event.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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