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Johnny Cage Dominates MK1 Mayhem, COM 2

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Johnny Cage Dominates MK1 Mayhem, COM 2
Pic Source: Bum1six3 on Twitch
City of Mayhem joins the party of regular online events that highlight Mortal Kombat 1

Bum163 organizes many great fighting esports events, from online tournaments to offline gatherings (what a way to celebrate birthdays!). It’s absolutely not surprising to see Mortal Kombat 1 being added to the lineups.

MK1 City of Mayhem 2 happened on October 5, and 103 players registered for this competition.

Similar to the recent MK1 4o4 Fight Night (Sep 28), one character dominated throughout the tournament. But that wasn’t Mileena this time…

MK1 Esports | COM 2 | Stream, Top 4

What about some epic mirror Mortal Kombat match? Pulse and KingGambler started their Semi-Final fight with Johnny Cage as their main characters but took different kameos, Scorpion and Cyrax. Still, after a while, Pulse decided to switch to Cyrax too. And… no, that did not help, so Pulse fell to Loser.

KingGambler had another pretty tough fight against AVirk-13, who started with Scorpion as main but then switched to Raiden (still keeping Cyrax as kameo). KingGambler won 3:2.

In the Losers brackets, Pulse continued experimenting with kameos and selected Kung Lao to assist Johhny Cage in the Losers Final — that probably was a good decision, even if this was another five-game match.

MK1 Esports | COM 2 | Stream, Grand Final

Pulse totally dominated the first match, having Kung Lao as kameo. But then, in the Grand Final reset, the situation got a bit shaky. When KingGambler reached the match/tournament point, Pulse took Cyrax again — and won. Congratulations!

MK1 at City of Mayhem 2 | Results

1. Pulse Johnny Cage/Scorpion
Johnny Cage/Cyrax
Johnny Cage/Kung Lao
2. KingGambler Johnny Cage/Cyrax
3. AVirk-13 Scorpion/Cyrax
4. cease Geras/Sareena
5. TurkeySucks Raiden/Cyrax
5. TheMightyUnjust Johnny Cage/Cyrax
7. iGRUESOME Baraka/Cyrax
7. Bluelinkys Kung Lao/Goro

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MK1 esports gains momentum, and the game is present at many offline tournaments. For example, you may be interested in the results of Mortal Kombat 1 tournaments at CEOtaku VII and REV Major 2023.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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