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Five Mileenas at MK1 4o4 Fight Night

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Five Mileenas at MK1 4o4 Fight Night
Pic Source: 4o4esports on Twitch
Is the synergy Mileena/Scorpion really that good?

4o4 Fight Night is a series of regular fighting esports events that highlights the most popular games — and Mortal Kombat 1 is sure here as well. Like with many other MK1 tournaments of this super early stage, it’s interesting to follow various discoveries the competitive community makes within the reimagined fights. 

The MK1 4o4 Fight Night tournament (on September 28) demonstrated an interesting pattern. Quite a few participants decided to play the pair of Mileena/Scorpion as their main/kameo characters. There were five(!) such pairs in Top 8, even if some players switched to another “team” (like not to have a mirror Grand Final).

Let’s enjoy many Mortal Kombat 1 fights of this event — and let’s learn something cool from them for our own playing experience.

MK1 Esports | 4o4 Fight Night (Sep 28)

TrayTrizzy and Trepound were the players with Mileena/Scorpion at this tournament, and both got clear victories in their Semi-Finals.

In the Winners Final, TrayTrizzy had almost no chances against Trepound — the players lost 0:3, and switching to Tanya/Sub-Zero did not help. Quite interestingly, Trepound also did not want to play a Mileena/Scorpion mirror match and took Raiden/Jax from the very beginning.

We still could see that Mileena/Scorpion mirror — in the Losers brackets, 4daSmoke vs Megamane94.

TrayTrizzy defeated Akiokizeme to proceed to the Grand Final through Losers.

MK1 Esports | 4o4 Fight Night (Sep 28) | Stream, Grand Final

The Grand Final competitors switched to their other teams for this fight. And for TrayTrizzy, it was a pretty good idea. The player won the first match to reset the bracket and the Grand Final Reset to celebrate victory in the entire event. Congratulations!

MK1 4o4 Fight Night (Sep 28) | Results

1. TrayTrizzy Mileena/Scorpion
2. Trepound Mileena/Scorpion
3. Akiokizeme Rain/Cyrax
4. BlazingAce General Shao/Motaro
5. Crum Johnny Cage/Kung Lao
5. 4daSmoke Mileena/Scorpion
7. Rel Ashrah/Sektor
7. Megamane94 Mileena/Scorpion

If we check MK1 character lists at other esports events, we don’t see this dominance of Mileena/Scorpion. Infinitii played Mileena at CEOtaku VII but with Sareena as kameo. There was no Mileena at all in Top 8 of TNS MK1 #2.

It’s super interesting to see what happens at the future tournaments! For instance, Mortal Kombat 1 is highlighted at REV Major 2023, one of the biggest fighting esports events in Southeast Asia.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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