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First Attack 2023 Street Fighter 6 Results

Femi Famutimi
4 min

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First Attack 2023 Street Fighter 6 Results
The first Street Fighter 6 champion for First Attack has now emerged

Ajax Fidelity made history as he became the first player from Puerto Rico to win at Street Fighter at First Attack. 

He won after defeating JAK in Grand Final 3-0 and 3-1 to win at Street Fighter 6. He won using his customary Juri and was able to stop JAK in his tracks to ensure he couldn't counter his gameplan. 

The top 8 list is at follows:

  • 1. Ajax Fidelity
  • 2. JAK
  • 3. TODAKAI
  • 4. Mono
  • 5. PRBigButtJackson
  • 5. Diegubis
  • 7. MrChupy01
  • 7. Scrawtvermillion

Top 8 Recap

The first two matches of top 8 were quite straightforward as Ajax Fidelity won his match 3-0 against TODAKAI with JAK recording the same scoreline against Deigubis. This set up a Juri mirror match in winners' final. 

In the lower bracket, things were a lot more interesting as Mono, who is also the organizer of the tournament, was up against Scrawtvermillion who is well known in the Melty Blood scene. Mono, who was a F.A.N.G. main in Street Fighter V, picked up A.K.I. as soon as she came out in Street Fighter 6 and has been using her since. He picked her this time once more and started to show some of his skills, utilizing her poison and stopping Scrawt's Luke in his tracks. A particularly impressive sequence was when Mono was burned out and Luke threw a Sandblast, only for him to respond with a well-timed level 3. 

But Scrawt crawled his way back and forced Mono to switch to Dee Jay, a character who he used before A.K.I. came out and one whom he's very proficient with. He was able to get the win and move on. 

His next match was against the person who sent him to the lower bracket, Diegubis. Diegubis uses Marisa  and her ability to kill a character with two combos makes her a terrifying prospect. Mono went for A.K.I. again and got hit hard. He switched to Dee Jay, but even that didn't seem to work— at first. 

He went into the third game needing to win three straight games to move ahead, and that was exactly what he did. In the final round, he trapped Diegubis in the corner and burnt him out. Then he proceeded to heap on the corner pressure until it was impossible to take it anymore and he died. 

Mono was ensuring he brought the excitement as his next match against TODAKAI also ended in a 3-2 with a scramble situation where unfortunately his luck ran out and  TODAKAI got the win. 

Meanwhile, in winners' final, JAK comfortably defeated  Ajax Fidelity to send him to the lower bracket. Ajax Fidelity had  mentioned before the tournament that he wasn't so confident, but he seemed relatively untroubled in defeating TODAKAI in losers' final to earn a runback with JAK in Grand Final. 

There, it was the Juri mirror again, but this time, Ajax ran through JAK who was hoping to win First Attack for the first time after two previous tries. JAK competed in First Attack in 2021 where he took 4th place losing to Infiltration. Last year, he was back again and was second, losing to Mister Crimson in the finals. 

Unfortunately, he was once again second best as Ajax Fidelity, a picture of calm, was the victor this time around. 

Ajax will hope that this win will propel him to get a spot at Capcom Cup as he failed to win the CPT Central America East tournament losing to Bryan-D. But he will still be able to get a spot at Capcom Cup if he can win the World Warrior event. 

First Attack will return in 2024.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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