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DBFZ at Frosty Faustings XV 2023: On the Verge of Defeat

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DBFZ at Frosty Faustings XV: On the Verge of Defeat
How hard is it to recover from a lost match and a 0:2 situation in the Grand Final?

Frosty Faustings XV is a great fighting esports gathering! For DBFZ players, it’s valuable extra training before the soon-coming World Tour Global Finals. Four of the Top 8 competitors have qualified for that event. And they now know that one potential LCQ participant is a real threat to everyone.

Well, let’s finish these mysterious hints. The matches talk better than words.

DBFZ at Frosty Faustings XV | Stream, Top 8

LegendaryyPred pretty confidently defeated Zane in the Winners Semi-Final. And Nitro has the same score in his match against Lucar.

The Winners Final was super close, but LegendaryyPred was a bit stronger — with 3:2, he proceeded to the Grand Final.

DBFZ at Frosty Faustings XV | Stream, Grand Final

The Grand Final started well for LegendaryyPred, and he even earned the tournament point.

But then, Nitro proved he could rise from the verge of defeat (the whole situation is kind of mirroring the Evo 2022 Grand Final). Like his Adult Gohan, Nitro unleashed everything he’s got, reset the bracket, and won the tournament.

Nitro is the DBFZ Champion at Frosty Faustings XV. Congratulations!

DBFZ Team Composition at Frosty Faustings XV

7. Alekovich

7. JakeRyan

5. Lucar


4. measy

3. Zane

2. LegendaryyPred

1. Nitro

Other participants of the World Tour Global Finals keep training as well. For example, Yasha recently participated in the offline event Game Impact #1 and also in the tournament Online WarriorZ #3. Did he win? Why don’t you check our recaps for the streams, results, and team composition details?

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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