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DBFZ at Game Impact #1: Who’s the Best in France?

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DBFZ at Game Impact #1: Who’s the Best in France?
Pic Source: KayaneTV
A chance for French players to fight it out with no guest competitors (and no Wawa)

The French DBFZ scene is one of the strongest in the world. It’s one of three top regions, alongside the USA and Japan. For a pretty long time, we had no doubts about who was the best in France. Wawa brought the whole local community to life (sort of) with his amazing successes. Now, when the guy has decided to retire, the fight for the French crown intensifies and becomes even more interesting.

Yasha won it during the qualifying events of DBFZ World Tour 2022/2023 — he is #1 in the general standings for Europe 1 (France). Kayne is second after getting a bit more points than WADE

It’s pretty exciting to see these players competing in an offline tournament (with no American and Japanese guests, like it was at UFA 2022). And such a tournament happened just recently — Game Impact #1, organized by Kayane.

Anyways, this new incarnation of the fighting esports series Kayane Sessions is just interesting to watch. The fights are spectacular, and we have a chance to learn a trick or two.

DBFZ at Game Impact #1 | Stream, Top 4

(the stream is in French, but you know, the language of fighting games is universal)

Yasha and WADE entered the Top 8 part through the parallel Winners brackets. They defeated their opponents with confident 2:0s and proceeded to the Final.

The first match of these players did not go well for WADE. Perhaps it's because the power of the best duo of Fusions in DBFZ (actually discovered by Yasha) did not let WADE win even one game. Even switching to another team did not help.

But then, WADE had another victory in the Losers Brackets and returned to fight against Yasha once again.

DBFZ at Game Impact #1 | Stream, Grand Final

This match was much closer than the Winners Final. The players exchanged games and took the fight to the decisive one. However hard WADE tried, he lost two of his characters and then couldn’t perform clutch with the most hated character, Lab Coat.

Yasha is the DBFZ Champion of Game Impact #1. Congratulations!

(Does this achievement make him the best DBFZ player in France? Well, yes — at this moment)

DBFZ Team Composition at Game Impact #1

5. Black Shazam

4. Slayper

3. Ju_Nanago


1. Yasha

We sincerely hope to see the continuation and development of this Yasha vs WADE competition at the upcoming DBFZ World Tour 2022/2023 Global Finals. Yasha sure has his spot already, but WADE has to reach the top two at the Last Chance Qualifiers.

Meanwhile, Yasha dominates far beyond France. Recently, the player won Online WarriorZ #3, organized by Tyrant.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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