CPT EU West: Takamura is the King of West Europe!

Femi Famutimi
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CPT EU West: Takamura is the King of West Europe!
Takamura's Akuma was too much for anyone to deal with as he swept to the CPT win

This has been a really productive season for Street Fighter V fans as there have been tournaments and content galore for the last couple of months. One of the most important tournaments of the bunch remains the Capcom Pro Tour which has been on for quite a bit now. So far, we have winners from Japan, Brazil, NA West, South America, and so on. Over the weekend, it was time for the European scene to show their mettle with the EU West tournament. There were players from Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. Takamura, who was also a winner last year, was on top again and while it wasn't an easy run, he certainly didn't look too fazed in any of his matches.

EU West Top 8
EU West top 16

CPT EU West Recap

The weekend was chock-full of incredible Street Fighter action and the Top 16 of the CPT EU West started how it meant to go on with a win for Takamura against AkramVVVVpc. It was a relatively easy 2-0 win and this set the tone for most of the top 16 matches with clean sweeps in the first three matches. The first game to feature some pretty nervy moments was he Ryan Hart took on fHassa in the Sagat-Urien matchup. Ryan Hart with his years and years of experience was pretty crafty in this match and with some impeccable spacing and a brilliant fireball game, he was able to take the W in the end. 

Over in the loser's bracket, it was turning into something of a slugfest with Kojackkira, The_Real_Jamal, Ryugy, and CCL all taking vital victories. However, as it turned out, the guys who dropped out from the winners' side all won their games to go on to the top 8. Therefore, the top 8 were full of old foes facing off against each other.

The top 8 kicked off again with Takamura leading the way with a dominant 3-1 win over JimmY. Then we go what was an absolute feast when Ryan Hart took on Momi. It was a not often seen Cammy vs Sagat match-up. We saw it at the RedBull Kumite when Bonchan fought it out with Hurricane and perhaps due to his experience training with Hurricane, Ryan was able to defeat Momi and send him over to losers. It would not be the last time the two would face each other as they met once more. 

Surprise of the tournament

Meanwhile, on the losers' side, Escudo was busy making a name for himself with his Alex. He was able to take the game against fHassa before dominating against JimmY to set himself up against Momi in the Loser's Semi-Final. In what turned out to be probably the best game of the day, Escudo terrified Momi with smart use of Anti-airs which did not let Momi get the jump-ins he might have liked. At a point, it seemed he would go on to win, but Momi turned on the style and floored Escudo managing to close it out 3-2. 

In the Losers' final, Ryan Hart and Momi had their fated rematch. It was an explosive match with Ryan showing his fighting game experience and nous as he zoned Momi out for some sections of the game and checked Momi's dashes with the use of Sagat's standing fierce. Momi, however, would not be denied and he kept looking for opportunities to get in Ryan's face and made a few surprising choices when fighting Ryan. The most surprising move of all was his decision to go with Nash. With the scores at 2-2, Momi needed something different to deal with Ryan, he got that in the form of his Nash pick. While Momi has dabbled with the character, I don't think there's anyone that would say that Nash was a pick he would go for in such a high-stakes game. At first, it seemed like a foolish move, but Momi proved to be a genius at the end as he was able to close out the game and make it to the finals. 

The Grand Finals pitted Takamura against Momi. Unfortunately, there was no genius picks for Momi here and Takamura was able to take the game and the entire competition with a convincing 3-0 win. 

Next up, it's back to the States with the North America Midwest 1 which is sure to bring out a lot of household names into the fray. To keep up will all the CPT action, check out the DashFight website, and for regular updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook