8BitMan is the Winner of MSM Online 36

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8BitMan is the Winner of MSM Online 36
Pic Source: 2GGaming Twitch channel
That was a very big Smash Ultimate event - with 756 attendees

The fighting games community can’t complain about a lack of online tournaments - they happen pretty regularly. But you know what, we can’t get them enough, and each event that connects players in the magical virtual world is worth celebrating. Or at least, it’s worth a dedicated post on the DashFight news page.

This time, we would like to draw your attention to the regular events Mega Smash Mondays Online. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players from North America can join this party… each Monday, obviously. The prize pool is insignificant, just $20 for a winner. But you can get a priceless experience without paying an entry fee.

The previous event of this series was Mega Smash Mondays Online 36. It’s especially interesting by the number of participants - 756 players fought for the champion title. This is more than at another popular Smash esports series, The Box: Juice Box. And you could find some prominent names here, such as Hungrybox, LeoN, and 9superpie.

The event contained 32 pools and then Top 128 and Top 8 parts.

Brett “8BitMan” Esposito entered the Top 8 Finals through the Winners Bracket. In the Semi-Final, he defeated Riley M. (3:0). His victim in the Final and Grand Final was Andrik “Andrik” González (3:0 and 3:1). Please, enjoy these matches on the video.

Mega Smash Mondays Online 36 - Stream

Top 8 players of Mega Smash Mondays Online 36

  • 1. Brett “8BitMan” Esposito (R.O.B.)
  • 2. Andrik “Andrik” González (Captain Falcon)
  • 3. Mason “frawg” Ray (Bayonetta)
  • 4. Riley M. (King Dedede)
  • 5. Peanut (Little Mac)
  • 5. Chris “WaDi” Boston (Mewtwo, Mii Gunner)
  • 7. Lucas “prismoid” Woolfe (Villager)
  • 7. Sunny “SpitTrap19” Gamerlol (Bowser)

The next event of MSM Online is planned for January 11. Feel free to participate and prove your skills!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still a growing game. Recently, we got a  new fighter - Sephiroth.

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