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Rosalina is the owner and runs the Comet Observatory, which doubles as her home alongside side her sidekick Luma. The two formed a strong relationship with each other due to the loss of each of their respective mothers many years ago.Know more


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While traveling, Rosalina met a lone baby luma sitting on a rusted and destroyed spaceship. the baby luma explained to Rosalina that she was there waiting for her mother to return a top a comet. Rosalina promised the luma to help her find her mother. First, she borrowed her father's telescope and waiting alongside luma for her mother to return. Later, the two fixed up the spaceship and set off in search of her.

After searching for days, they came across a lone comet, but after adding and exploring its icy surface they did not found Luma's mother. Though saddened by this, they decided to stay in the comet and build a home for themselves. Eventually came across a planet full of other creatures similar to Luma, all of whom seem to see Rosalina as their mother, she would name every single one and they would stay with Rosalina and Luma.

Stricken by the sadness of her own loss, Rosalina had dreams of her mother, and upon looking back to her home planet she began to feel homesick. The lumas then worked together to move the comet and headed straight back to Rosalina's planet. Though Rosalina still grieves the loss of her mother, she has found happiness helping the lumas, and being their adoptive mother across the universe.

In the world of competitive Super Smash Bros Ultimate, she is a specialist character, one of the most complex to master. This is mainly due to her soft reliance on Luma to properly fight at a high level. If she is smashed out, Rosalina's potential quickly drops off and is far more vulnerable, on top of being a lightweight character and one with very few tools to scape juggles or other big attacks. But the pair is undoubtedly a powerful duo that can bring the heat to any matchup in the roster at a high competitive level.

Key Information

First Appearance: 21 November 2014 (Super Smash Bros 4 )

Availability: Base game

Universe: Mario

Occupation: Universal Observer

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