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  • Israel

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Ramlethal33 %9

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Atir ''Zando'' Yosef is a Guilty Gear -STRIVE- player from Israel with Ramlethal as main.

Zando competed and finished 7th in COMBO BREAKER 2022 and 9th in Red Bull Gaming Sphere Online: Guilty Gear Strive. Also Zando took part in such tournaments as JKL Online Tour 2022. GGST. Season 1, Rekka 2, Saltmine League ARCREVO Daredevil - EMEA (PC), SaltyEU ARCREVO Daredevil - EMEA (PC), Break The Wall (PC) - ArcRevo EMEA Daredevil, ARCREVO EMEA Qualifier event #3, Reach the Sommet, NO MERCY ROUND 1 -PC-Spaghetti Showdown - Daredevil Event, Bandit Bringer : DARDEVIL Event and The Big LEVO.

You can follow Zando on Twitter.