• Shota Arai
  • Japan

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Shota "UNSUNG" Arai is a competitive fighting game player from Japan. He plays titles such as BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Samurai Shodown, Samurai Spirits, and Street Fighter V.

Unsung has competed in tournaments such as Battle Arena Melbourne 11, Combo Breaker 2019, CPT 2019 ASIA Premier, EVO 2019, EVO Japan 2020, Red Bull Kumite 2019, and Taipei Major 2019.

He mains Zeku in Street Fighter V and is known for his very aggressive playstyle. Indeed, some say he throws caution to the wind when he plays. He is currently ranked 25th in the EVO JAPAN 2020 Rankings.

At Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020 East Asia 1, Unsung placed 25th with a 71% set win rate after being defeated in matches against moke and Johnny.