• Dominick Cuccurullo
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Captain Falcon
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Captain Falcon57 %14

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Dominick Cuccurullo, also known as "NickC," is an American Super Smash Bros player.

NickC mains Captain Falcon in Brawl, Melee, Ultimate with Isabelle as secondary, and Wii U with Ness as secondary. Alongside Fatality, he is hailed worldwide as one of the best Captain Falcon mains.

Previously ranked 6th on the New York City Ultimate Power Rankings and 10th on the New York City Power Rankings, NickC has stolen sets from Dabuz, Goblin, ESAM, and Sinji.

In Ultimate, NickC once resolved to try for a 50 win streak but lost the very first match. However, he still has an overall set count of 75% and is a regular at Xeno. He has teamed up with smashers like Ralphie and Venia to play Smash Ultimate doubles.

NickC also competed in ssbu singles and placed 5th at NYXL Pop-UP!, 7th at Orion 2019, 13th at Defend The North 2019, Glitch 6, & Shine 2019, 17th at Super Smash Con 2019, 33rd at The Big House 9, 65th at Frostbite 2020 and Let's Make Big Moves where he where he was disqualified in matches against Uncivil Ninja and Bankai.

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