Why Won Tekken Online Challenge Europe North

Ilya Kravtsov
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Why Won Tekken Online Challenge Europe North
The winner chose Akuma as main

This weekend the Tekken 7 international tournament - Tekken Online Challenge Europe North was held as a continuation of the Tekken Online Challenge. The ones who took part in virtual fights were BL|Sephiblack, Blackbeard, Ryan Hart, DritonRama, FS|Tenshimitsu, KonfidentGyorg, and other good gamers.

More than 100 players took part in the tournament. The strongest among them was the Why, who chose Akuma. Second place went to BL | Sephiblack with Miguel. The third was Mace with Julia and Josie.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, a number of events have been canceled. This tournament was intended to replace them and was available for Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

How it was:

Tekken Online Challenge Europe North

Tekken Online Challenge Europe North Results

1. Why (Akuma)
2. BL|Sephiblack (Miguel)
3. Mace (Julia, Josie)
4. Sona (Eddy)
5. Tokis (Fahkumram)
5. DritonRama (Law)
7. Blazing Kick (Eddy, Nina)
7. SoS|Tetsu (Claudio)

9. XiT|SpacyCristal (Xiaoyu)
9. Lavadeu (Jin, Eddy)
9. KonfidentGyorg (Marduk, Hwoarang)
9. ScorpionFury (Alisa)
13. DBP (Bob)
13. THS|Chaossoccer (Yoshimitsu)
13. Shessair (Alisa, Anna)
13. Shadowx86x (Zafina)

We talked to the winner and will tell you about him soon. Keep in touch!

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