The Reversal Online #5 - Tekken 7, SFV, and Guilty Gear Fights

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The Reversal Online #5 - Tekken 7, SFV, and Guilty Gear Fights
The event is full of interesting matches, and you can join this party and fight for the money prize

The current situation in the world makes us really appreciate the Internet. We can enjoy many fighting esports tournaments - players and viewers don’t need to leave their houses to be in the middle of excitement. Online events happen regularly, and The Reversal Online is one of them.

The fifth episode of this series is planned for March 6. Like with The Reversal Online #4, the tourney has three sections:

The prize pool for the event is motivating - it’s $500 for each discipline. Please, visit the official page for more details. If you want to witness the Top 8 Final, tune in on this Twitch channel, so you can see matches of Punk, who has registered as an attendee. 

This will be one of the first SFV Season 5 tournaments.

Another regular online event worthy of your attention is Weds Fight Nights. It contains tourneys of even more games.

To see fights of top professionals, don’t miss super-exciting matches of the Ultimate Weekend Brawl. It’s a unique show, one of the biggest in fighting esports.

To check out the results of The Reversal Online #4, visit this page later on. To stay in touch with all things fighting games, stay tuned to DashFight on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.