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Street Fighter League US: All the Team Announcements So Far

Femi Famutimi
Updated: 5 min

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Street Fighter League US: All the Team Announcements So Far
We have five teams so far with a 6th surely on the way

While the Street Fighter League Japan is on its second day, we still await the American version which is slated to start on the 7th of October 2022. In anticipation of the event, the Capcom Fighters Twitter handle has been at work announcing new teams who will compete. The last couple of seasons have seen some changes to the team roster and selection. There is also the fact that an EU version of the Street Fighter League is set to debut this year. This means that situations like last year when we had Team Nordavind and Team Giants, two teams filled with European players, won't repeat themselves. 

For this reason, the team announcements made so far have been pretty exciting as we have seen players from all over America (including the Caribbean) featured on the team roster of certain teams. There is still some foreign flavor as we have an all-Asian team too. 

Five teams have been announced so far, and we'll go through the changes made. 

Team UYU

Team UYU was the first team announced. Over the last few seasons, Oil King has spearheaded the team with a flurry of different players. This season, it seems that it will focus on Asian players as SFL Japan doesn't include any other Asian countries. NL returns to the team after an impressive debut last time around while Xian also returns after missing out on last year's league. In his last outing, Xian was on team Psycho Shinobi with HotDog 29 and Smug. New to the team and to Street Fighter League is DingChunQiu or DCQ, the Chinese protege rounds out team UYU. Also of note is that there are now four players on every team, which should be interesting to see what that means. 

Team Red Rooster

Red Rooster is a brand new team in Street Fighter League. Led by tournament organizer and CEO 2021 winner, MonoPR, the team is a great mix of players from the America and HotDog29 who is a legend in his own right. This will be a first appearance on Street Fighter League for Mono and Ajax Fidelity, who came 4th in the recently concluded CPT Central America. Smug and HotDog29 were teammates on Psycho Shinobi two seasons ago, and the union between these players means that the team is one to watch out for.

Team Panda

Team Panda returns with some new faces with Justin Wong missing out. Punk has been ever-present at Street Fighter League and he is once again the man to lead his team to victory. Joining him are Nephew, JB, and Kami. Kami was with Team UYU the last time around, but a chance to play with some of his closest friends is not one he could pass up, so here he is. This is a team consisting of players who are close friends and have great chemistry. It will be interesting to see if that chemistry can translate to wins. 

Team NASR x Bandits

Possibly the scariest team on the roster, Team NASR x Bandits is the amalgamation of two wildly talented teams. Two seasons ago, Team NASR were the winners of Street Fighter League and last season, they were a great threat with AngryBird, Big Bird, and Problem X forming a formidable team. This time they are joined by two prominent members of Bandits in MenaRD and Caba, making them arguably even stronger. Mena is a Capcom Cup winner who has recently been to Japan to level up while Caba was runner-up at Combo Breaker 2022, falling only to iDom

Team CLG

Another new team, CLG, is comprised of some of the best players in the West Coast in Filipinoman, Samurai, and ChrisCCH. They are also joined by Evo top 8 qualifier and CPT winner, Justakid. This is a very interesting team as all the players are amazing pros. There's no doubting the expertise of ChrisCCH, who has taken every World Warrior event he has been in so far and Samurai who won the first CPT event of this season. With their combination of class and flair, they could be one of the dark horses of the season.

Team Endemic

The final team announced is another new team in Team Endemic which is stacked with players including Evo finalist iDom, East Coast Throwdown finalist, Shine, Evo 2015 finalist, Gamerbee, and in what has been seen as an absolute surprise, Nuckledu is back playing after something of a hiatus. Nuckledu is one of the best players in the world and is a Combo Breaker winner. The team lineup is exhilarating and it is impossible to call a favorite with so many great players everywhere.

SFL USA will retain its six-team format, which is different from Japan's, which is eight. Also of note is the possibility of the ban system being replaced. It has been removed from the Japanese edition, and it'll be interesting to see if the United States follows suit. 

We will have all that information and more on DashFight and will update you as things become revealed. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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